Speak Out: Immigrants over veterans?

Backing recent legislation to establish uniform medical screening processes for migrants apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol didn’t minimize the importance of supporting veterans, U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester stressed at a town hall style meeting.

“It was not a choice between veterans and illegal people,” she said before a diverse gathering of 150 or so at the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center.

Rep. Blunt Rochester maintained her stance was misrepresented in a recent opinion column authored by Delaware Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Brady.

• So she wants us to pay for illegal aliens? Americans first, sorry. — Jon Walczak

• Lack of care for veterans is not because of immigrants. It’s because of a lack of political will. If we care for veterans then we will fund their care. Immigration is a separate issue. Jane Brady created a false dichotomy, falsely pitting veterans against immigrants. If we want to help veterans, then let’s work to help veterans. — Kristin Froehlich

• What about letting the illegals pay their own way. Plain and simple. You can’t go to any other country and get free healthcare. And the countries that do offer free healthcare you must be a citizen of that country. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• (Brady) didn’t actually pit veterans against illegals. The false narrative is right here. Brady said legislation for illegals was getting passed while legislation for vets was being ignored/put on the back burner. Libs are dumping on all Americans, in favor of looking good for the illegals. They seek the future vote, while they work to trash the current one. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• You are wanting to use money that could be used for veterans so, yeah, it is an either or. The money well is finite. — Jude Desbrow

• I read (Blunt Rochester’s) emphatic statement that nothing would affect the veterans. Perhaps if the tax cut that’s only benefited the wealthy and big businesses (Amazon didn’t pay federal taxes yet I have a nearly $3k tax bill) were reversed, those funds could used for her endeavor with millions left over. Besides, it’s so hypocritical for all of you that are so concerned about the veterans and not be appalled by what the (president) is doing that will affect current military personnel and their families. And that is take money from the Pentagon’s budget slated for base housing’s much-needed repairs, overall base improvement, ship maintenance, (Norfolk, Va.) and more towards his border wall that he conned his followers to believe Mexico would pay for. — Michael Jones

• Thank you, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, for letting people know that, yes, we can do this, and what they want too. We can help immigrants, we can feed the hungry, we can house veterans and homeless, we can improve schools, we can fix our voter system, we can provide healthcare for everyone, and all this while we are chewing gum. It does not have to be one idea for another. — Jody Sweeney

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