Speak Out: Immigration lawsuit

Delaware is joining a lawsuit opposing the Trump Administration’s new rule circumventing the Flores Settlement Agreement.

In the complaint before the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, the coalition argues that the rule eliminates several critical protections guaranteed by the Flores Settlement Agreement.

In particular, the prolonged detention risked by the rule would cause irreparable harm to children, their families, and the California communities that accept them upon their release from federal custody.

• Sure glad all of our problems in Delaware have been handled so we can jump in on this political grandstanding effort. Whew. — Chuck Mankin

• I was never asked if I wanted any part of a lawsuit. And now my tax dollars are gonna pay for it! — Jennifer Rambo

• So Dems complained about separating families and now their complaining about keeping them together? — JasonClaire Hearn

• And just a few months ago they said there was no crisis. Now there’s a crisis. They are all a bunch of hypocrites! — Judy Malin Mangini

• Where are our priorities? We have homeless. Military families without mothers or fathers who are never coming back. Legal immigration is the law. Stop the nonsense. — Barb Stetzer

• If you cant accommodate in a reasonable amount of time, they have the option of leaving and going back to their country. — Cindy West

• Why are the Democrats so set against Trump and the country, and not putting the country and state first. For once, forget the political lines. They are illegally here. That means they are not citizens nor are they entitled to any benefits or assistance of any kind. You are trying to get into another country illegally and see where you end up. It sure as hell won’t be in the welfare line waiting for benefits from that country. — Bill Lawson

• If only there was some sort of gate or fixed entry point that only let in those allowed to enter and maybe a barrier of some kind that controlled the entry to only that gate location. That would solve this entire issue 100%. Anyone else think that would be a smart idea? Asking for a friend. — Marc Auger

• Certainly not 100% since a significant number of our undocumented immigrants came on a plane and overstayed. — Shannon Marie

• Gee, do we have all these problems when immigrants come through legal ports of entry? — James Elocin

• Actually, while we don’t have these specific problems, we do have other problems created by those who come through “legal” ports of entry. They wind up overstaying their visas or such and then become “illegals” — Brian P Slattery

• Good. This is the administration of a dystopia. — Danielle Levredge

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