Speak Out: Immigration rallies

Hundreds of Delawareans were expected to join many more Americans nationwide Friday in rallying to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies, specifically the use of detention centers.

As has been heavily reported by the national media, thousands of would-be immigrants, some of them seeking asylum, have been detained in U.S. Border Patrol facilities after being caught attempting to cross into the United States by way of the southern border.

• These people wouldn’t be in detention camps if they hadn’t crossed the border illegally. It was a choice. — Mary Grampp Brown 18

• Why were they not protested when Obama put them there? — Tanya Hall Jester

• Obama didn’t separate children from their parents It was then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions who instituted the “zero tolerance” policy at the Southern border in April 2018, which resulted in children being separated from their parents who were taken into custody for criminal prosecution. — John Anderson

• The biggest difference is. The Obama administration kept track of the parents and family of the children. The Trump administration has not. And they have deported family and or parents without keeping track of them. In some cases the parent or family would be the only one knowing information about the children. Or have the legal documents with them when deported. Leaving the children with no representation. When it comes to toddlers or infants that is unconscionable. Even for the older children it is inhumane. — Dennis Norwood

• The problem is the left’s unwillingness to close the loopholes in our policies that encourage immigrants to flood our borders and enter our country illegally! Let’s give them free everything and bypass all the hardworking immigrants coming here legally! — Joseph Daniels

• If Congress would step up and do their job, this would not be an issue. Oh, wait! Yes it would because half of them are doing this on purpose, just to make President Trump look bad. We should really remember this when there is a Democratic president again! Unbelievable! — Deborah Grubbs

• It’s disturbing to me how many of you can hear multiple reports of dangerous overcrowding, no running water, sexual assault, babies being fed out if dirty bottles, kids being hungry and cold, everyone sleeping on the ground and your immediate response is, “they brought it on themselves”. Like we cant do better. This is America. How we treat others matters, it says something about us. What about turning donations away? Why? Why the cages inside of buildings? Some of you want to act like this is just about money, but it’s about so much more. — Ginny Jewell

• It’s called protection for vulnerable possible victims. Surely you aren’t in favor of young children being raped? — Suzie Schaub Stehle

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