Speak Out: Improving E-ZPass

Readers reacted to Rep. Jeff Spiegelman’s recent commentary headlined “Improving Delaware’s E-ZPass toll collection system.”

• It needs improvement. I’m tired of fighting to get bogus charges removed. I only wonder how many others get trapped into it. — Bill Peterson

• I lost $125 when my car was totalled and someone stole the transponder out of it. Apparently they do not check the tag numbers at all. — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Seems they only check tags in the event of a violation. I have taken my transponder for use in rental cars when needed and all I see on my quarterly statement is the transponder number. I did learn that you need to shield/remove your transponder when your vehicle is towed. We got a charge while our vehicle was on the tow truck we were riding in. When I called to get a credit I was told they don’t do that — and supposedly they aren’t able to tell that two vehicles went through at basically the same time and were unable to check to see if the two companies had a transponder and a charge at basically the same time and same lane. Good for avoiding lines, but most of the old perks (they get your money up front) have been eliminated. Of course now with the new electronic rolling you save the $1.60 or more administrative fee for billing you. — Dan Maher

• This happened to my daughter who lives out of state. She went through a lot trying to get her car registered when she visited for a couple of weeks, then when she finally had everything in order, DMV wouldn’t let her do it because she had outstanding fines which she wasn’t directly notified of. Luckily, it wasn’t $10,000, but it was over $200 and due to an old, faulty transponder which we eventually replaced. I disputed it with the collection agency (yes, it got turned over to collections because her ex, a co-signer, was notified but not her). It’s ridiculous. — Jill Fendentz Coleman

• I turned my tag into DMV. They reissued it. The person it was issued to blew through tolls for over a year. E-ZPass billed it all to me. They insisted it was my tag and I was responsible. — Traci Lyn Castello Stanley

• Removing it would be the best improvement! We already paid for it with our tax dollars. Interesting how below the canal has to pay over and over for roads — but live above it and not a toll to be seen? Here’s a thought. Put a toll on 95, 295 and 495. Again, our tax dollars already paid for the roads — tax everyone or no one, but this only below the canal is ridiculous. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

I have had E-ZPass for about 25 years. I got it originally for New York State and New York City because my job had me on those roads regularly and it was a convenient way to pay tolls and submit for reimbursement from my company. I still use the same New York transponder. It has been replaced two or three times automatically by New York at no charge to me. I get my bill online and replenishment notices monthly and whenever the account needs to be replenished.

I have never had an issue with the system anywhere in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic states. Perhaps DelDOT should look at how New York handles E-ZPass, and that is the only thing I would ever recommend someone look at New York for. — Bob Skuse

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