Speak Out: Indian River referendum defeated

By a 3,866 to 3,202 margin, voters said “no” Tuesday to the Indian River School District’s major capital improvement request to fund a new Sussex Central High School, an eight-classroom addition at Indian River High School and a four-classroom addition at Selbyville Middle School.

• “I want my kids safe in school and my teachers to be effective.Bbut they need money to expand classrooms and lab opportunities? I need to pay into it?! Hell naw, cause ‘merica.” Americans want everything and to pay nothing. Ironically, it’s mostly the conservatives complaining about the tax increase — who also complain that Democratic socialists are the ones who “want everything for free.” What a phenomenon. — Danielle Levredge

• This district had some issues with an audit and with who knew what when. Once taxpayers are confident their trust was not abused, I am sure they can try again. Smyrna is in the process of the same thing, I think some serious belt tightening needs to happen to remove the liability on taxpayers. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Today, homes with no children or retirees may be reluctant to approve higher taxes. New home owners would have no allegiance to the school district. — Mike Steindl

• Just raised taxes a year and half ago. I guess this will be a common occurrence with this district. It will be brought up again in a few months and pass just like the last time. The Delaware way. — David A Gibson

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