Speak Out: Insurance guarantees

Legislation released from a Democratic-controlled Senate committee Wednesday would codify one of the core tenets of the Affordable Care Act by guaranteeing individuals access to health care.

Senate Bill 35 would insert into Delaware law several of the provisions of the ACA, also known as Obamacare, that seek to allow more people to obtain coverage.

• Stop forcing Democrat ideas on the will of the people. Let us make our own decisions on which healthcare options would suit us best Why should powers-that-be force healthcare options on you and your family. Remember when Obama just rammed this through? It turned out not to be what was best for everyone. Government needs to stay out of the healthcare business! — Karen Cross Ward

• It was passed by two houses of Congress and signed into law by the president. That’s literally how the legislative process is designed to work. And what healthcare choices were taken out of your hands beyond what private insurance already restricts? — P. Todd Coogen

• I’m sure this will be a big relief to people with pre-existing conditions. — Stephanie Hart

• The state will have an exodus of people who don’t want to pay for someone’s pre-existing condition, and everyone else who has pre-existing conditions would flock to it. There’s nothing like forcing people to buy something. If only the state could force the people into saving for their own retirement. — Mageline Michae

• Awesome news. This would be great for so many Delawareans. — Jim Kelley

• The way I interpret this bill is that purchasing health insurance will be directly though the insurer and not through a marketplace or broker — also that premiums can only be based on your age, smoking status and if buying for an individual or family. Primarily it prevents an insurer from denying health insurance for those of us with pre-existing conditions. Doesn’t say you have to buy (therefore no mandate) and I didn’t see where you had to purchase plans with certain coverages. Personally, I don’t see a problem with one being free to deal direct with an insurer, select the coverage you need/want and come to an agreement on the premium. — Dan Maher

• The problem is that premiums have skyrocketed. If I want health insurance, I have pay the equivalent of a mortgage payment. Ten years ago, I had a BCBS plan for $270 per month with no deductible. Now, I have a $6,400 HSA for $586 per month. That means that last year, because I had to use my insurance, $16k of my gross income went to healthcare costs. So, since you don’t see a problem with that, you are free to pay my heath care bills! Obamacare and any government intervention into healthcare is always a disaster for hard-working, everyday Americans like me. — Kristin Anne Wirth

• Highmark has a monopoly in the state. Need more completion to drive premiums down. Everyone is hung up on this Dem talking point about pre-existing conditions. It’s a hoax started by the Dems. No one wants to do away with it. Obamacare opened up a world of greed for healthcare providers. Highmark is leading the way as it is the only provider in Delaware. — Jack Jordan

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