Speak Out: Investigating the investigators

The Justice Department has shifted its scrutiny of the government’s Trump-Russia review to a criminal probe, a person familiar with the matter says. It’s raising Democrats’ concerns that President Donald Trump may be using federal muscle to go after his opponents.

• If the FISA process was abused, I believe a criminal investigation is appropriate. While they’re at it, how about looking into the Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary’s security violations as Security of State? — Michael Pepper

• Eight years of Republican-controlled Congress. Multiple investigations. And nothing. Nothing to lock anyone up on in regards to the Clintons. Yet you seem to think that some alien is going to drop out of the sky with something now? — Dennis Norwood

• This is why Democrats are trying to get Trump to quit. Thats not going to happen. Crap is getting ready to hit the fan on them.— Ray Zelano

• Barr should resign. He has been compromised and will be locked up just like Nixon’s AG. What is so surprising is that the GOP party, who hated Trump with a passion summer of ‘16, would let a dolt like Trump come in and totally strongarm the party and now he has brought the GOP party down so low as to where he resides, there is no coming back. Trump is a TV personality, a real estate con man, who has gone broke a few times after Daddy staked him early on. A draft dodger who claimed to have bone spurs to stay outta Vietnam. This is your king? More like court jester. — Ian VanSant

• Why is it Democrats are now running around crying and accusing Republicans of doing exactly what they have been doing for the past three years. Stop being hypocrites. — Shawn Knox

• We waited over two years for the Robert Mueller report with people in the mainstream media and members of the Democratic Party all claiming to have positive proof of collusion with Russia prove to be negative. Now it’s time to investigate where all the false accusations came from. If the members of the Obama administration committed crimes, lets find out. The American citizens, no matter what party we belong to, have a right to know. Someone is lying to the American people, so let’s put our parties aside and find out who is lying to us and make an example of all of them no matter who they are. Remember no one is above the law!— Bob Smith

• Another John Mitchell! Remember him? Then you know what happened! — Denney Lafferty

• I fail to see your point. Mitchell was a convicted felon for his part in the Watergate coverup. What are you referring to, the criminal investigation Barr and Durham are conducting? I agree they are both AGs, but that is the extent of it. Your point doesn’t make sense. By the way, I think Durham is getting warm, maybe hot.— Stephen Iverson

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