Speak Out: It’s about time

In hopes of ending the twice a year spring forward and fall back time changes, Gov. John Carney signed Senate Bill 73 into law in August.

However, it would take Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey to enact similar legislation before Delaware can begin the process of placing itself in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone on the first Sunday in November, essentially remaining in Daylight Saving Time from there on out. We asked our readers what they think.

•Why not just enact Daylight Saving Time as the time? There are counties in Indiana that never change time. We are one small state and can adopt what we want. — Kevin Eric McDaniel

• Isn’t Delaware its own state? — Christina Marino

•Yes but I think they’re thinking of the confusion for people who live in one state and work in another, of which there are many in Delaware. I say just stay on one time and let Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania sort themselves out. But I can see how it would be frustrating to those people. — Elizabeth Magnani

• This is the one thing I agree with the governor on. This getting dark at 5 causes people stress, sleep problems etc. I know I’m one of those people. — Nancy Buckle

• So true. Standard time in the winter also causes the sun to be lower in the sky while driving to and from work. That, combined with snow and ice and windshield splatter, makes for even more dangerous driving conditions. — Kay Arnett

• I don’t know of any people that like this time change. It’s such a bad thing, all the way around. Makes for very cold, long, dark nights and it’s so useless.. why can’t other states near us change too? Ugh. — Mary Lynn Haines-O’Neal

• I think it has outlived its usefulness, but it should be a regional thing. Sure, there are counties that kept one time but they probably are bigger than our whole state. — Kylee Wills

• I would love this but I bet the car insurance companies will not like it. It has been proven that twice as many accidents happen when it gets darker sooner. So hoping the other states approve this. — Linda White Lane

• This is so stupid. Stop changing to Daylight Savings Time. Anyone stop think about what time the sun comes up in the middle of winter. Let’s just let the kids go to school in the dark instead you poor adults coming home when it’s getting dark. And we sure don’t need extra light in the evening anymore. — Lani Cotton

• No, there are farmers who would end up working in darkness. That is as dangerous to the farmers as is to wildlife that shelter in fields. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Some of our farmers where I live plant and harvest day or night! — Valerie Byerley Mont

• I’m always baffled how one hour change just twice a year throws people into a tizzy. I traveled with the USAF for 27 years skipping multiple timezones frequently. Deal with it. — Vince Gambal

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