Speak Out: Laurel Little League controversy

Just 12 hours before they were scheduled to hit the road, the Laurel Major League softball all-stars received word that they had been disqualified from the East Regional tournament.

Little League handed down the penalty because the organization deemed a player did not live within its boundary map for Laurel Little League.

• I would agree with this decision if not for the fact she had been playing on that team since 4 years of age. This is obviously not an intentional “stacking” move. They should have been given the opportunity to bench this player for the remainder of games played instead of disqualifying the entire team. — James Elocin

Hope this gets national news attention because this is just wrong. Especially since she’s been playing there since she was 4. Makes you wonder if someone in charge of these rules had a personal problem with this player outside of the team. — Lizzy MacDonald

• Clearly not a stacking situation but I get that if they let them go to the tournament they could have played and been disqualified at that level so they are trying to follow the rules but it does make you wonder if

  1. The player originally lived in the boundaries and either moved or the boundaries changed (in which case she should have been grandfathered in or at least notified when it occurred). I know when we moved from Maryland to Delaware we were told the option to keep my son in his original district/league was possible as long as he remained registered there without missing a season.
  2. Nothing had changed but they just realized it now (shame on the organization at all levels). — Lynn Lloyd

• The league has a lot of explaining to do! So very unfair to the other young girls on that team! The parents and the league should be ashamed of themselves! I feel so badly for all the talented girls on this team that are being punished by the actions of the adults! — Janet Carey Smith

• Obviously, someone provided the names and addresses to someone who took the time to check on each player. They obviously knew there was an issue higher up, but why not do this at the playoff level, not letting it get this far. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Little league keeps questioning the drastic reduction in player numbers. Between outdated rules and poor boundary divisions it is no wonder. As a Little League softball coach I know how hard these girls play and put their heart into every game. Shame on the Little League for this call! — Jody Steele Williams

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