Speak Out: Legalizing marijuana

Presidents of four state medical societies, including Delaware, recently submitted a letter to the editor arguing against the legalization of recreational marijuana.

• Lose all that tax money then. — Dan Hollen

• As much as I support the legalization, we should not bring potential tax revenues into the discussion as a main reason for legalizing cannabis. The potential tax revenues (which would be combined with regulation anyway) should be seen as an “added benefit” and not something to “bank” on. — Brian P Slattery

• Not enough studies to prove that marijuana is safe yet there have been plenty of studies conducted to prove that alcohol is safe? Why would you want to keep such a harmless plant illegal? — Paul Casarotto

• It’s all about the money. If marijuana is legalized the pharmaceutical industry, the American Medical Association, for-profit hospitals, etc. stand to lose billions. This is the only reason they are against it and they will do anything to keep it from happening — just like with free health care for all citizens. Call them and shame them for their actions. — Ed Swetland

• Anyone lobbying against the legalization of marijuana should also be lobbying for the criminalization of alcohol, otherwise they’re doing nothing but proving that they have no idea what they’re talking about and they’re only serving self interests. — Taryn Bradley

• The conflation of alcohol – which is primarily a social lubricant and also has a plethora of cultural, ceremonial and culinary functions – and marijuana (which has but a single purpose, namely that of an intoxicant ) is axiomatically a false equivalency when one applies the slightest degree of honest and objective mental effort into examining that incessantly repeated falsehood. Alcohol and marijuana are two different things. — John Daliani

• Alcohol is completely toxic to the human body. Marijuana is non-toxic, not low toxicity like caffeine, but completely non-toxic natural plant. — Billy Lewis

• Has anyone ever been behind someone, walked by someone, had a car drive by you while you were walking in a neighborhood or at a school function and all you can smell is skunk! That is one of several reasons why recreational marijuana should never be legal. Who will protect the young child who comes to school with a “contact high” because he/she was in the same room, house or car where his/her parent/s were having a smoke break? Who will stand up for the children? — Cindy Christiansen

• It doesn’t matter if marijuana is “safer” than alcohol and tobacco. They are embedded in society to a much greater degree than marijuana. We have enough trouble with them. We don’t need more. — Charles Miller

• Prohibition doesn’t work! If you don’t believe me, check history. — Doreen Peterzak

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