Speak Out: Legalizing marijuana

Legalizing marijuana

Legislation introduced Thursday would make Delaware the 11th state with recreational marijuana, enabling individuals 21 and older to legally get high by smoking or otherwise consuming the drug.

• I’m keeping my fingers crossed. — Greg Sheraton

• I still use a dispensary but I think legalizing it is best. Everyone smokes. — Teresa A Appleton

• Awesome. Think how much money the state can make once it’s taxed as money on the enforcement side! — Barry Adkins

• Each place this has been done, it did not generate the extra revenue, due to oversight of the drug. It also put a higher price on it that those that truly needed it could no longer afford it. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Cash cow for the politicians. What’s a few more impaired drivers on the roadways? They let drunks with five plus DUIs take a pass anyway. — Gerald Jerry Rice

More high drivers to deal with. Driving in Delaware is hard enough already and dealing with crazy high people is no fun either. But they will pass it anyway! — Margarett Spence Jones

• Better high than drunk. You see all the drunk driving deaths? Probably. Impaired from marijuana? Nope. — Hollybeth Oboryshko

• I see this just like when the casinos were built. They were to pay for schools, well what happened? I know my school taxes went up twice in maybe three years, once for English as a second language. Many other school districts have also or at least they tried too. The casinos did not provide what the state said because it is not a money-in issue, it is a money spending and waste issue. The Democrats will waste all they can and Delaware will only be left with a lot of potheads to take care of. I do not see the advantage of this at all.. — John Greene

• The casinos supplied the money, but our governments did not spend it wisely – they just spent it! — Dan Maher

• Hurdle two. Allow home growth. Or state-owned dispensaries that see profits go directly in the hands of education or public services. — Heather Laskey

• I have multiple sclerosis and a medical marijuana card. I refuse opioids for my pain. Unless you have MS you have no idea how marijuana helps me get through my day. — Teresa A Appleton

• Doubt it will get past the govenor’s desk ~ he is not in favor of it yet. Got a lot of retired Democratic police in Dover to pass. — Bill Lawson

• All Delaware thinks about is money. This bill if passed will be another mess for Delaware and will cause more problems than it’s worth for “money” to come to Delaware.How do you outlaw cigarettes and then legalize dope? It causes cancer as well. — Fred W Lindhorst

When were cigarettes outlawed in Delaware? And pot doesn’t cause cancer of any kind. It actually can help cure it! Would you be so kind as to share where you got you so called medical information cause I am really curious. — Beth Carroll

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