Speak Out: Legalizing marijuana

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Zoë Patchell, executive director of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, headined Tainted vape scare increases need to legalize marijuana

•We must legalize cannabis in Delaware now, and expunge cannabis-related charges from the records of all affected Delawareans. — Eric Morrison

• This is like saying we need to legalize heroin because they are tainting it with fentanyl and other scary stuff. If they want to legalize weed they need a better reason than this. — Allison Lee

• Legalizing heroin would stop fentanyl overdoses because then at least users would know what they’re getting.— Randy James Melvin

• Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages together kill over 62 U.S. citizens per hour for a total of over 550,000 dead each and every year according to the Centers for Disease Control. Far more dangerous in the extreme than vaporization products by anybody’s data. Why the big reaction to vaporizers when it’s absolutely clear that booze and cigarettes are deadly serial killers far more dangerous than vaporizers.

Contaminated products are not good. The contamination of vaporization liquids is more fruit of the poison tree called cannabis prohibition as more and more evidence points to black market sources as the cause of the contamination and lung ailments. Legalize regulate and tax cannabis across the board and all this black market crap will go away. —Ben James

• If people (including politicians) would just educate themselves on the history of how cannabis became so (falsely) demonized, the amazing medical benefits, and the costs incurred to keep it illegal (and tax money lost) maybe common sense would prevail. Although I’m not hopeful in Delaware. — Doreen Peterzak

• Delaware legislators avoid common sense and the public’s best interests like their paychecks depended on it …. oh, they do. — Ketch Kirk

• No one should promote the canard that marijuana is inherently toxic, like pharmaceutical drugs. It is not a drug. It’s a medicinal herb.

Drugs are often useful, but typically burdened with lists of warnings and side effects — everything that lawyers can dream up — suggesting that they have not been proved safe for all persons in the general population.

Medicinal herbs are bred and refined over centuries. They are judged successful when found safe for use within general populations.

Activists have since found that marijuana is a ‘gateway’ from alcohol and opiate addictions.

A 2011 study at the University of Colorado found that in the 13 states that decriminalized marijuana between 1990 and 2009, traffic fatalities dropped by nearly 9 percent more than the national average, while sales of beer went flat by 5 percent. Fewer bodies on the road. Hundreds of them every year.

Unlike Nancy (“Just say, ‘No!’”) Reagan’s beloved nicotine, marijuana is a neuro-protectant that encourages brain-cell growth. Researchers elsewhere have found that it also has tumor-shrinking, anti-cancer properties. These were confirmed by the 30-year Tashkin population study at UCLA.

Cannabis has been found safe and effective for thousands of years, and is celebrated as sacraments by most of the world’s major religions. — William Clark

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