Speak Out: Legislative changes afoot in Delaware?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Rep. Danny Short and Tim Dukes regarding House Bill 136, a proposed constitutional amendment to end the last legislative day of the session at 7 p.m. The General Assembly could meet afterward in special session, but only between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. An exception to the rule, requiring a super-majority vote, would allow lawmakers to handle emergencies. “Once adopted, this law would all but block legislators from passing bills under cover of darkness as their constituents sleep,” they said.

•These ideas are heading in the right direction. I would suggest there are even more opportunities for improvement and a more in-depth look at process improvement initiative is in order. We now have Republicans and Democrats recognizing the legislature has significant process problems. What we need is for the leadership in both parties to agree on a path forward. They should invest in themselves and hire an unbiased consultant to lead the initiative.

It reminds me of this story: The Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen. “Slowly, all of the people in the kingdom admit that they cannot see the clothing, and the truth about the weavers is revealed.” — Bill Bowden

• It’s a sad day when you need to have a constitutional amendment when a simple rules change should do. You either have people of honor sitting in the General Assembly or you don’t. They find workarounds to other constitutional mandates now what will stop them for this one? — Will Garfinkel

• I you don’t put it in the state Constitution, our illustrious representatives will flaunt the intent. — Bob Skuse

• Sounds smart to me when you have heavy-sided parties controlling a state.— Gary Showalter Jr.

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