Speak Out: LGBT rights

A seemingly divided Supreme Court struggled Tuesday over whether a landmark civil rights law protects LGBT people from discrimination in employment.

With the court’s four liberal justices likely to side with workers who were fired because of their sexual orientation or transgender status, the question in two highly anticipated cases that filled the courtroom was whether one of the court’s conservatives might join them.

Justice Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump’s first Supreme Court appointee, said there are strong arguments favoring the LGBT workers. But he wondered whether the justices should take into account “the massive social upheaval” that might follow a ruling in their favor.

• What’s to debate? They should have the same rights as anyone else in America. — Christopher Dunion

• They do. They want special rights that force everyone else to agree with whom they decide to have

• No. We just don’t want to be fired from our jobs for being who we are. Is that “special rights,” Patricia? — Eric Morrison

• They don’t want special rights. They want the right to marry without someone spitting on them, or the right to not be fired because they are part of the LGBT community. — Craig Walter

• Patricia, please do some research or perhaps reach out to someone in the LBGTQ community. They will tell you what their story is and why what you just said has nothing to do with what they want! Don’t be ignorant on the changes in our world. They affect everyone. — Tracey Iosbaker

• Patricia, How are you getting that from a suit brought because a person was fired from a job for being transgender? It didn’t have anything to do with their relationship, just the way they dress. — Stephanie Hart

• What you advocate throws the door wide open for all kinds of racism and sexism based on “religious morals”. I can’t see how having a LGBTQ as a customer or on your payroll infringes on how you personally worship and serve your God. — Randolph Stokes

• They have the same rights as any other citizen already. — Mark Schmalhofer

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