Speak Out: Limit ammunition?

Readers reacted to a recent letter by Donald McHugh where he said “the federal government should enact a law stipulating the number of bullets which can be acquired, except by ordnance departments of law-enforcement agencies and licensed sporting ranges,” suggesting that 50 rounds may be sufficient.

• Thank you Mr. McHugh for sharing a suggestion publicly. Doing so allows us to discuss and assess the merits. I appreciate you doing so in a civil manner w/o name calling, bashing, or other incivility. Second, I’m not a gun owner, nor have I been directly affected by gun violence, tyranny, or any other related action. I respect responsible gun ownership as well discussion aimed at resolution.

Lastly, I thought his idea had merit (from a non-gun owner perspective). I now see it’s not very practical. But it’s a step toward finding solutions. The key is to “build” on it. Replies that educate and offer ideas are most helpful. The best ideas usually come from those directly impacted…and in this case, it’s gun owners. What say you? — EW Hall

• Punish those that don’t follow the laws already in place. Don’t add more laws to punish those following the law already set forth. — Dan Maylone

• During a few-hour trip to the range, most people can and do shoot between 500-1,000 rounds of ammo per person. The original author believing that 50 rounds of ammo per month is enough for people, is a perfect example of people stating an opinion on a topic that they zero understanding of, and is extremely dangerous.

Most gun owners purchase ammo in bulk at a much cheaper price during sales and based off their usage. It is no different than your average Costco shopper buying a 40-pack of toilet paper, or a box of 50 pencils, or a box of 500 Ziplock bags. Bulk buying is the American way to purchase at the best price and to be prepared, so that you’re not buying every item you need once a week. Being stocked up on toilet paper or ammo is only an indication of a smart shopper and someone being prepared and nothing else. — Marc Auger

• Most firearms owners practice a lot and enjoy the sport of shooting to advance their skills at local gun club ranges. We don’t need people that don’t practice the sport determining how much ammunition we can have. — Philip L Puschel

• No limits on ammunition. I’m a law-abiding citizen. My guns have never hurt anyone and won’t until the time to protect myself, my family or my property comes. You don’t limit the amount of beer a person can buy and people die every day from DUI accidents and some people are on their seventh DUI. You don’t limit the amount of cars a person can own yet they are involved in deadly accidents every day, in fact kill more than guns do. Drugs are illegal yet heroin and other opioids killed 173,000 people last year. Laws don’t stop this stuff, any of it. Quit asking the government to limit our rights, quit asking the government to make more laws. — Richard Miller

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