Speak Out: Littering in Delaware

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Steps needed to reduce litter in Delaware.”

• Make the litterbugs spend a Saturday morning/afternoon (their choice) picking up roadside trash. — Charles Miller

• There probably is a very simple solution to this problem in addition to the suggestions in this letter. How about people just simple stop throwing their trash on the ground. Most of us have trash bins at home. Why not take your trash there and put it your own bin?

I have the dubious distinction of living near the “wonderful” new business development in the great town of Camden. It is absolutely amazing how much trash the patrons of this store leave on the ground. One slow day last summer I picked up cigarette butts from my yard. I counted them but stopped at 175. Store fliers, cups, plastic water and soda bottles abound. Call the town office and they say “sorry we can’t help you”. It is the same wherever you go in Delaware, so sad. — Timmy Harmon

• I have visited third-world countries that were cleaner than the state of Delaware. That is because those parents teach their children to respect their environment/community. If the parents in Delaware are slobs then their children will be slobs. They are the ones who drive past my house and fling trash out of their car windows. Pigs! Maryland has a fine of $1,500 for littering the landscape. What does Delaware have? Lots of garbage and no laws to stop it. —Kay Huether

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