Speak Out: Love it or leave it?

Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor by Phil Spampimanto headlined ‘Love it or leave it’ notion smacks of ‘false patriotism’:

• Well Phil, I suppose time does blur some of the memories, but having lived during the same times as you, there are somethings I remember vividly. I remember protesters spitting on our returning soldiers, I remember them burning flags, oh yes, and setting off explosives. Through the years I’ve seen those same protesters become teachers, and politicians, and all the while they still wanted to burn our flag and teach our children socialism. Even today they encourage Antifa to spit on our police and attack anyone who disagrees. They call our duly elected president a liar and worse. When someone disagrees with them they hold up the Constitution and cry “freedom of speech.” Recently we have seen the Democratic party publicly crucify a candidate for Supreme Court in a most foul way, with despicable lies, and have watched them do the same to a sitting president. Not that the president actually said “America Love it or Leave it,” but many of us who love our country will say it, perhaps in a more colonial way. Bugger Off. — Frederick Tate

• I remember this president disparaging a war hero for getting captured and becoming a POW, claiming he knows military strategy better than the generals, encouraging people at his rallies to take out protesters on a stretcher, call the entire U.S. intelligence community liars/partisan, call some Nazis good people, call a judge unfit because of his Mexican heritage, make friends with fascist dictators around the world and move our country away from traditional allies we formed following WWII, encourage conspiracy theories telling our first black president to go back to Kenya and cost Seth Rich his life, lie every single day.

Maybe you can fit it all in a paragraph, but he will take books to document. HJ’s a liar, a demonstrable liar. Call a spade a spade. The above is only the last two years, doesn’t even include Jim Crow, lynchings of blacks, a POTUS (Nixon) that lied to Americans every day about the Vietnam War, Soviet threat to America that is now being reduced to a possible deal in Moscow. — Jim Coleman

• If you truly love something, you try to improve it, and you applaud other people trying to improve it. —Eric Morrison

• Many believe Trump should leave this country if he thinks Putin is doing a better job in Russia than our previous presidents here in America. — Susan Janis

• Yep! The guy who said “Make America Great Again” went on to say “If you don’t like it, leave” – which one is it? — Jordan Irazabal

• Well said, Phil Spampinato. Our country was founded on protest. The president’s claims of patriotism always come across as false. His words and actions so clearly demonstrate hatred for our land, our cities, many groups of our people, and most pillars of our democracy. (And yes, I know we have a democratic republic.) I wish he could love and protect our land, love the wonderfully rich diversity of our people, love the diverse flavors of our cities, and love and respect our democratic institutions. — Kristin Froehlich

•Patriotic means loving and defending this country. Not showing signs of disrespect towards it. Kneeling when the appropriate response is to stand is disrespect. — Sharon Lee Ponsell

• No. Those are forms of protest. And covered by our constitutional rights. Therein lies the ignorance of the difference. You are not only missing the point but are seeking to diminish our constitutional rights. There are no laws that say you can not burn a flag or that you have to stand while the national anthem is playing or cover your heart. Or recite the pledge of allegiance. But there are laws that protect our rights to protest and our freedom of speech. Though I may not wish to protest in that manner. I do suppose the right for those who do under our constitutional rights. — Dennis Norwood

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