Speak Out: Lowering speed limit on Del. 8

At the request of Calvary Baptist Church, a 37,000-square-foot worship facility preparing to build west of Dover High School, the city of Dover is hitting the gas in an effort to slow traffic on Del. 8 from Artis Drive to the high school.

The Utility Committee of the Council Committee of the Whole voted unanimously Tuesday to send an official request and resolution to the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) to lower the speed limit from 50 mph to 35 mph.

• No one will follow it. Everyone goes over 50 now! — Deborah Faulkner

• It should be 60 mph instead! — David John

• No one follows the speed limit after Kenton Road as it is. — Julianne Shockley

• Lower speeds promote improper and dangerous passing. Raises the risks of head-on collisions. — Michael Pettee

• I believe the current speed limit from Mifflin Road to past Dover High School is currently 40 mph now – and don’t think lowering the speed limit to 35 mph should absolve the church from paying the cost of adding dedicated left and right hand turn lanes. Otherwise traffic will be stopped behind the vehicles waiting to turn into their church. As noted in the article the new church could result in an additional 1,100 vehicle trips on a Sunday for services.

Probably not what anyone wants to hear, but maybe a better option would be to have all the traffic for the four churches uses the existing entrance/intersection at Dover High with an existing traffic light and then onto a service road taking the vehicles to their respective church – shouldn’t be any school-related traffic in a Sunday and one of the churches uses DHS for their services. Think this might be a more cost-effective means (long-term) than adding turn lanes and changing speed limits on Route 8. — Dan Maher

• They better put a stop light in front of every development on Route 8 too while you are at it then. I have a hard enough time making a left turn leaving Heatherfield with Dover High traffic at a crawl and now all these churches. — Jennifer Harper

• Changing the speed limit just means people will be going over it by even more. They sure don’t pay attention to it now. I get passed or run over (figuratively) a lot because I can do the speed limit. — Lani Cotton

• They need to consider making Route 8 two lanes in both directions from Dover High to Mifflin Road with the amount of traffic in the mornings and afternoons and do something in front of the Wawa. The traffic backs up at the Kenton Road light with people in the turn lane. You can’t get in or out half the time! — Vonda Laughman

• Lowering the speed limit won’t work. The design of the road itself must change to make it psychologically uncomfortable to drive fast. — MK Boyce

• It’ll be safer for bicyclists. — Darrell Stevens

• Before they do that, fix the traffic lights because they don’t run evenly. — Karen Grima

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