Speak Out: Lowering the bar?

Readers reacted to a recent commentary headlined “Has Trump lowered bar for Biden’s gaffes?”

• Biden is the better man and would be a fine president! — R Tamer Peel

• Well you obviously don’t know how he stands on the 2nd Amendment so for that alone he won’t be the candidate. The other is his statement about illegal immigrants should be covered medically I mean who’s footing that bill?

The fact is the entire Democratic lineup is full of far leaning leftists and their ideas are crazy. Tuition loans paid by government. Inmates incarcerated able to vote. Illegal immigrants getting free health care at our dime. Their ideas are crazy and Joe Biden is a real threat to the 2nd amendment most people don’t realize that. — Robert Wright

• No one could ever argue honestly that Trump is a good man. At the every least, they could never honestly argue Biden isn’t a much better man. Trump is about as bad a man as it comes. — Susan Janis

• (Trump)’s lowered the bar for everything. — Jess Mortillfem

• The liberal media is covering for Biden. — Lou Bialota

• Not even voting for Biden unless it’s the only choice I have to get (Trump) out of office. — Karen Hastings

• “My word as a Biden.” Value: absolutely none! If Joe told me the sky is blue, I would feel compelled to take a look for myself. — Bill Anderson

•Biden has had foot in mouth disease and roving hand for decades. Funny how that happened before Trump and was just laughted at. Obama lied but it was overlooked because it would have been “racist” to call him out.

Your messiah was walking on water even after it was disclosed he used the DOJ and IRS to go after opponents. Yes, Trump is not as smooth as Obama was but he has done more (even though all you so-called journalists ignore it happily) for the U.S. than Obama did in his eight years. I will be waiting for you or others to tell me that Obama is not longer president and I should move on. To bad that the left can’t do the same thing. — Alex Fowler

• Biden could not do near the job Trump is doing and how many big pharmas and others have Joe in their pocket, their yes man if he gets in. I’ll do my own comparison. It’s like comparing Jesus to the Roman leader who had Jesus put on a cross. The democrats, so scared of a great president who is doing good and has proven it over and over and who only makes decisions based on what is good for the American people, Had no other choice but to get rid of Jesus so they could continue their deceitful, profitable to them, I’m for sale, ways. — Jay Pratt

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