Speak Out: Maintenance violations

Kent County Levy Court commissioners voted unanimously to support draft legislation that would give county staff the ability to issue and enforce fines for “property maintenance” violations.

• The county should remove the rubbish then fine them to make sure it’s disposed of properly and all that trash doesn’t land on the back roads. — James Elocin

• Well overdue. Just ride the back roads of Kent County. — Jack Jordan

• I get a trash bag full about every two weeks from all the trash thrown out of car windows and people walking by.. Do you have a plan to STOP that? — Faye Wing

• Trash landlords have largely been the problem. Squeeze the tenant for the rent and the heck with how the property looks. Keep your property up or force the slum lords to live in those same trash homes for 90 days! — Howard Gaines III

• Thinking about this a little- as it is posted on my HOA’s page as well. Aren’t many, if not most ‘violators’ lower income, or impoverished? Fining someone with nothing, will it have an effect? Old adage, “can’t get blood from a stone.” We do need a way to manage the situation, in the same token, we need something which will provide true results. — Brian Scharf

• It’s about time! Has anyone ever driven the back roads in Kent County? You can have a mansion and right next door a yard full of trash, old tires, and cars. The biggest problem in the county would be to find the true owners of the properties. The next thing is to inspect all rental properties to make sure their properties are up to code! – Cindy Christiansen

• We have also reported our trash companies for compacting their trucks on our back road and we watch all the trash go blowing. Believe me, truck drivers do not get out and pick it up! — Karen Clark

• How about the county worry about their own trash first? Just ride down any road and see all the trash. Are we as citizens of the county going to be able to fine the county for not cleaning it up? — Wayne Whitby

• Renters need to have trash removal in place in the agreement and thus reflected in the rental price. Homeowners must make the effort to at least keep areas in order. — April Murray

• Bending over to pick up trash doesn’t cost a dime. Everyone has a “buddy” who has a mover — $2 for mover gas!! Drag your unwanted treasures to the road/street. Could be someone’s treasure! No excuses. Maybe a violation would motivate them. — Patti Smith

• Save even more time and effort by allowing people who own the property and pay the taxes to have their property as they want it. Stay out of people’s business please! —Timmy Harmon

• If my neighbor has his house and especially yard so trashed that it affects property values in the neighborhood then it is my business. — Linda Shockley

• It’s taken 240-plus years but I guess we have traded one tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away. — Jim Price

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