Speak Out: Marijuana and driving

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Cathy Rossi, vice president of public and government affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, on the dangers of marijuana and driving.

• Ha! But alcohol and prescribed opioids don’t? Trust me, people who smoke pot drive slow because everything looks so far away. It’s not like they’re gonna be speeding around to get snacks. — Jackie Veal Cates

• The people that are irresponsible enough to smoke and drive are already doing so and will continue, regardless of Delaware’s stance on legalization. Grow-up Delaware, stop living in the past — legalize. — Steve Bennett

• I mean if you’re at home and smoking weed, the last thing you wanna do is drive, right? — Jordan Irazabal

• These people are already driving on the roads. It’s not like you’re generating an entire new group of users. — Marc Auger

• I support full legalization and taxation of marijuana. — Steve Goldman

• Whether it’s alcohol, drugs or pot, those who have no respect for other’s safety will continue to think these don’t affect their driving and continue to put others at risk. Can’t be young and dumb with the roads as crowded as they are today. — Mary E. Yoder

• The real problem is cell phones while driving. They have passed drunk driving in accidents. — David Henderson

• Yes it affects it by making drivers more paranoid their driving is bad. Makes them also go the speed limit and safer distances from cars ahead. They also fully stop five seconds for stop signs and don’t (accelerate) after a light goes green. Sounds like weed would truly be bad for Delaware roads. — Walt Speakmen

• And all of the bars and liquor stores don’t? All of the mandatory overtime work doesn’t jeopardize anything when these people are beyond tired and refuse to stop for a nap because “Delaware isn’t that big”? Or let’s bring up the countless people I see with their phone glued to their faces while behind the wheel? Or the individuals on pills and illicit drugs? All of the above is OK but heaven forbid someone is offered something besides toxic pills. — Casie Shea

•Driving while high will not increase in DE if HB 110 is passed and, even if it did, any increase would be negligible and statistically insignificant.

The black market in Delaware is robust and it’s very easy for anyone who wants it to purchase cannabis from black market dealers. People who are using this black market cannabis are already driving high if they – stupidly – choose to do so. So, the state already has these intoxicated drivers factored in currently into the Delaware state driving statistics.

Delaware just needs to make it illegal to drive while high – the same thing we already do with alcohol intoxication. People who drive high should be severely punished. We should take their license away for one year for the first offense or even make that penalty harsher with a two- or three-year loss of license. Responsible cannabis users, which most users are, will happily support such harsh penalties! — Jared Cornelia

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