Speak Out: Marijuana, DHSS

A Sunday From the Hall column reported that Senate Bill 45 would strike from state law language handing down different penalties for those under 21, instead using the same civil violation system, which functions similarly to a speeding ticket.

Also, legislation filed Thursday would examine splitting up the Department of Health and Social Services, the state’s largest cabinet agency. Sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Nicole Poore, Senate Bill 163 would create a committee to analyze reorganizing the department.

• Meanwhile, Delaware “lawmakers” raise the age of smoking tobacco to 21 and then they proceed to give incentives for smoking weed. Top notch liberalism. — Willy Beal

•Marijuana can be used in other forms other than smoking that don’t have longterm effects on the body. Smoking tobacco or even chew has serious health risks. — Danielle Levredge

• Smoking tobacco has been proven to cause cancer and be addictive. Not really the same. This is just allowing a fair penalty, not promoting usage. It can reduce some of those imprisoned inappropriately, allow the youth to move forward, without a permanent mark of their record. There are people still in jail for this nonsense. — Jennifer Foster

• Are you kidding me? Am I they only person in this state that believes you do the crime no matter what it is you get punished! What’s $100 to the “younger generation”? Just another step to make marijuana legal for “recreational use”! Delaware is becoming the California of the East? — Cindy Christiansen

• It should be legalized, in my opinion. We have an overcrowded prison system inundated to the point of sending people to Pennsylvania. If all of them were released who had simple marijuana charges, our prisons would not be overcrowded and we could alleviate the stress put on the correctional system. The reality is – I would rather be around 100,000 pot smokers than 10,000 drinkers. (and that is from experience). — Kay Sass

• Before long the pot leaf will be the symbol of the U.S. — Mary E. Yoder

•Yeah, that’s a good idea. Split up DHSS, again. The most recent split was Medicaid and like all splits, it means new department heads and staff, new division heads and staff, etc. In the end, it will mean another 300 to 500 people, than are currently doing the job. How can you liberals consider this to be fiscal responsibility? Are you saying the division leadership, you have hired, is not good enough and they now need more direct supervision? Slice and dice all you want. It all comes down to spending more money to accomplish the same tasks. — Dennis Mehrenberg

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