Speak Out: Marijuana warning

Federal health officials issued a national warning Thursday against marijuana use by adolescents and pregnant women, as more states legalize the increasingly potent drug for medicinal and recreational use.

• We have to be a pretty stupid population base if we need to be told that children and pregnant women shouldn’t smoke pot. — Ryan Fenimore

• It’s actually harmless and very beneficial to your health. — Mark Schmalhofer

• God gave it to us. We should be able to grow our own just like wine or beer. — Cindy West

• Can’t tax it that way! — Wayne Whitby

• This ain’t your mother’s marijuana, but that methadone is approved by the FDA for pregnant women. Babies born shaking, having seizures, being given more methadone or even fentanyl to wean the babies off medications is the good old American way. There are many studies done on Jamaican women who ingested the plant routinely for decades while pregnant. — Jessica Andreavich

• Frankly, anyone in the Trump administration has one hell of a lot of nerve to allegedly cite “scientific studies,” given what an enemy of science and empirical study the administration has been. We need to fully legalize cannabis now, and expunge cannabis-related charges from all affected Delawareans. — Eric Morrison

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