Speak Out: McBride announces candidacy

Sarah McBride, an openly transgender woman and prominent LGBT activist, is running for the state Senate.

“At the end of the day I’m not running to be a transgender state senator, I’m running to be a senator who serves her community,” she said Monday evening.

She identified health care as one of her core issues, saying far too many people struggle to pay for vital procedures or medications, and pointed to her own experience as a caregiver for her late husband, Andrew Cray, who died of cancer in 2014. Other areas of interest for Ms. McBride include criminal justice reform and gun control.

• Very excited to see her run! — Austin Auen

• But there’s nothing in the article about what she wants to change regarding health care reform, gun control, and prison reform. Most people couldn’t care less about your gender, but we do care about how you propose to achieve these reforms. Why the secrecy here? It’s confusing when they refuse to share their “plans” with there constituents. — Keri James Banegas

• She’s just another rubber stamp for the socialist agenda. — Tom Small

• Identity politics is all they have. Agendas are not publicly disclosed. That’s usually a back room deal. — Tom Small

• You realize that argument goes for all politicians. Establishment Republicans play identity politics and make back room deals just as much. I am looking for new blood and people not beholden to corporate money. As long as she doesnt start cozying up to CEOs like Biden did day one with Comcast and other corporate entities, and she has a decent agenda I would vote for her. — Craig Walter

• Honestly, I don’t care what a person is, but them constantly pushing it in your face gets tiring. She looks like a nice girl in the picture. So why do we all have to know she’s trans? Isn’t the point that they want to be the other gender without anyone knowing? — Kate Williams

• Why can’t anyone keep their secrets like they did in the old days. Sexual identity has nothing to do with Delaware politics, unless I’ve missed something. — Summer Rain

• Perhaps because if a candidate keeps a “secret” about something as volatile as gender identity and then someone else finds out, it gets blown even more out of proportion than it is already? — Brian P Slattery

• The first woman to run for office or cast a vote or play professional sports got attention for that too. The first black person to refuse to move to the back of the bus or run for president got attention. All firsts get attention. It’s like she’s saying “OK, let’s get this out of the way first” because if she doesn’t, that’s all people will focus on the entire time. Now that we know, she can move on to the important stuff of running for office. — Holly Overmyer

•Not a peep about what her take on actual issues are. If she is only interested in running based on the face that “the trans community is so hot right now” then she can forget about my vote.— Jason Rextc

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