Speak Out: Middle-class struggle

Joe Biden hammered President Donald Trump’s treatment of the middle class as he campaigned Wednesday in his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, hours ahead of the president making a separate visit to the critical battleground state.

“This administration has no idea what hard-working, decent, ordinary Americans are going through,” Biden said.

• Democrats are experts at making the middle class struggle! — Lou Bialota

Oh, and tell me how you do? Forty years in politics and you have become a millionaire on a lower-middle class salary. Yeah Joe, explain that to me. — Stacy Johnson

• A lower middle class salary? The VP makes $235k a year. — Patrick McMaster

• Biden has been paid for his duties to his country. Forty years of service. What do you peg him for? A dummy? Biden is very intelligent. Stop putting him down. It’s disrespectful to treat a vice president in good standing in this manner. We’re not going to vote for Trump — the end of it. No one knows what’s going to happen. I hope Biden sues Trump for slander. And I hope Trump goes to jail for high crimes. The only reason he hasn’t been charged is because he’s a sitting president. — R Tamer Peel

• That’s why Trump fought for tax cuts and put more money in our pockets, right? — Donald Michael Abrams

• You realize that most of your tax breaks go away while the rich and corporations get to keep theirs forever and it was done on the backs of the middle class by ballooning the deficit to a trillion dollars. Who do you think is going to be paying that bill when it comes due? — William Mazzariello

• We lost so many blue collar jobs while he was senator here. How we going to believe he will help this country? — Judith Mitchel Cleaver

• Biden, you keep drawing attention to yourself. That’s you that doesn’t have a clue about real working people. What have you ever done besides politics? — Peter Servon

• When was the last time Joe Biden was a struggling working class person? Really Joe Biden is now going to tell us about the struggles of the working class? Please tell me when was the last time Joe Biden cashed a check from someone other than the U.S. government? — Warren Ellis

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