Speak Out: Mileage-based fee

For several years, there’s been a national discussion about whether the gasoline tax should be replaced by a “mileage-based user fee” that would hinge taxes on miles driven rather than gallons of gasoline purchased.

Delaware joined the mileage-based user fee discussion in 2016 when it received an initial $1.49 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to study the potential impact of the proposal.

Due to more federal grant funds and the need for additional research, DelDOT and the I-95 Corridor Coalition are encouraging more Delawareans to step forward and volunteer for a cost-free study.

• The gas tax made more sense when most cars had similar mileage. But that started changing long ago, and the growth of EVs means some aren’t paying anything for the use of the roads. I’m fine with a tax based on annual mileage. Interesting challenge about allocation to the different states, but that can be addressed. Remember, the state per-gallon gas tax would then go away, and be replaced by this. — Aletia Morgan

• This is a horrible idea. They aren’t putting any thoughts into people who drive for a living, making their you-use-it, you-pay-for-it idea damaging to the economy. They will see more loss than gain from this ridiculous idea. —Jay Jamison

• The state needs to realize this idea is so bad it could cause a state wide revolt. — Jim Green

• I’m in the program. It doesn’t cost anything, and the long-term benefits outweigh the negatives. Additionally, you can choose to be in the program without tracking. The point is that you would only pay in excess of the fuel tax that currently exists. — Benjamin Black

• Not hard to figure out all you have to do is know your yearly mileage, but does the government need to know? This is nothing more then a way to find out which way the government can take in more money. But truly the government can figure out all this information due to registration of the vehicle mileage change. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Pretty sure I could think of plenty other areas that a $1.49M grant could have been used. For starters — schools/education, police departments to protect our communities and other first responders to help for emergencies. — Alicia Richey

• Driver 1 drives 150 miles a day. Driver 2 drives 50 miles a day. Family drives 2,500 miles a year for vacations. State wants to tax all those miles, but can’t offer reliable public transportation for any of those trips. We also want to improve the air quality and have less drivers on the roadways. So what do they really want to accomplish here? — Lisa Bell

• Why on earth would you freely support this idea? Lots of people in Delaware have lengthy commutes because Wilmington is a business hub, but people don’t want to live in downtown or New Castle due to county tax. — Ashley Carter

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