Speak Out: Minimum wage bill; Sanders leaving

Minimum wage bill on hold

Delaware Senate President Pro Tempore David McBride has decided to hold legislation that would raise the minimum wage to $15.

The decision to postpone a vote, while surely disappointing to organized labor and other supporters of the bill, comes as a relief to many — including some Democrats.

• Maybe someone actually cares about the low-skilled that’ll be jobless and the jobs that’ll be lost? Maybe. — Chris Werner

• Someone has some sense. — Lisa Garber

• Thank goodness! Someone is thinking about the “ Mom and Pop” businesses who can’t afford the big increase in minimum wage. — Cindy Christiansen

• Artificially enhanced wages would only make poor unskilled people even more poor and without work. — Willy Beal

• Disappointing to organized labor.. Somebody had visions of renegotiating some contracts. — Christopher Foxwell

Sanders leaving

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders will leave her post at the end of the month, President Donald Trump announced last week.

• This administration gave up press conferences long ago. Why keep paying her when Trump does his own press conferences anyway? — Cathy Schemm Stanchek

• She handled the press beautifully, didn’t take any crap. Hate to see her leave and hope the next person is as intelligent and tough that she is. Not an easy job! — Nancy Cassell

• Her reputation as a purveyor of misinformation and her lack of integrity will come back to haunt her.Wouldn’t expect anyone with a moral compass to support that shill. — Mary Anderson

• She did a wonderful job and will be missed and remembered for her strength and fortitude under extreme stress from the Democrat-bought media. —Steven Gawczynski Sr.

• She hasn’t done her job in 90-plus days. What’s to like about your tax payer dollars supporting that? — Julie Hunter

Julie Hunter she does more than just press conferences. And why would they want to have press conferences with all those vile ignorant reporters that are just going to makeup any lies that they want to. — Greg Sheraton

• She’s going to run for governor of Arkansas and smoke the competition. This woman had more class in her pinky than the collective Democratic electorate. — Willy Beal

• The election for Arkansas governor isn’t until 2023. By then she will be a footnote to the failure of the corrupt Trump presidency. — Gary Greer

• Has shown such strength for a woman who was put through much criticism. — Edna Staats

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