Speak Out: Minimum wage hike

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Mike O’Halloran is state director of National Federation of Independent Business in Delaware, an association that represents hundreds of small businesses in the state, headlined “Minimum wage hike would crush many small businesses”

• All it will do is raise prices on everything. Yet another in a very long line of bad ideas from Democrats. — Mark Schmalhofer

• So why do prices rise when the wages have stagnated? I’ll give you a hint: Executive salaries/bonuses/stocks dividends. — JJ McGlothlin Jr.

• So, let the poor in Delaware continue to struggle below the cost of living at the poverty level while business owners get rich off the sweat of their brows? Got it! Studies show that supermarket prices didn’t increase during the first two years since the minimum wage hike was implemented and that one of the few increase in cost was to the child care industry, so there goes that theory of everything will cost more! — Gary Greer

• Perhaps businesses that unconscionably refuse to pay their employees a reasonable wage shouldn’t be in business. The cry wolf attitude of this writer is what has kept wages stagnant for far too long. The sky will not fall if employers pay their employees a reasonable wage. Who knows, maybe they’ll actually be better, happier employees because they can afford to put food on their table. If I have to pay a bit more in order for employees to have a reasonable minimum wage, I’m happy to do that. Stop whining and raise the minimum wage. — Don Peterson

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