Speak Out: Mixed messages

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Arthur Sowers headlined “Mixed messages in response to president.”

• Let me asked you a question: Why do people hate Trump so much? Is it because they wanted Hillary and still can’t get over her loss? So far – even with the constant opposition from the left – he has done more for us than Obama did in eight years. Anything Obama screwed up was excused, anything Trump does is vilified. Why is that? Example: Obama promised more flexibility to Russia, that was OK. Trump has a conversation with Putin and the left calls it treason. Obama traded five terrorists for one deserter and welcomes him in the Rose Garden. The press goes wild. Trump gets Americans released from foreign countries and the press cant be bothered. Why is there never anything positive reported? — Alex Fowler

• Trump supporters constantly say Trump has done more for our country than any other president. When I ask them to list these wonderful accomplishments there is never any response. I am guessing they are not responding because they actually don’t really know anything Trump has done to make America great. — Gladys K. Adams

• The list is long.

Lowered taxes;

Bringing back manufacturing jobs;

Draining the swamp;

Got us out of the crappy Iran deal;

Renegotiated the horrible NAFTA deal;

Renegotiated trade with China, so they stop ripping us off. How much more would you like? — Bob Hice

• I always love it when some intellectual comes forward and interprets someone’s thoughts for us lesser people. I also love it when the Democrats are wrong and they blame Trump and Trump is wrong and blames Ms. Clinton. What I don’t love is that the current antagonism in America is not MAGA but is destroying our country. That man Rodney (King) in Los Angeles had it right when he said “Why can’t we all just get along?” Congress and Mr. President and press please stop the fighting and bickering and get on with keeping America one of the best countries in the world. That is what we need. — Timmy Harmon

• I find it amazing how these whiny Democrats always jump on the bandwagon and take credit for everything positive that happens in this country, but when it’s negative it’s always someone else’s fault. Tell me Mr. Sowers, why is it that these Democratic presidential candidates haven’t mentioned the thousands of homeless living on the streets in our major cities? Gee it wouldn’t be because these cities are governed by Democrats and they created the problem and they can’t blame the Republicans? But I’m sure they’ll find a way and you sycophants will buy it. — Tim Shepperson

• Arthur Sowers and Gladys Adams need to read and comprehend what Sowers says in his first paragraph. Perhaps Mark Twain said it best: “No amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot.” Sowers comment on a recovering economy are so ludicrous as the directly fly in the face of Obama’s 2016 remarks that 1% GDP was the new normal and that jobs were never coming back. Mark Twain was a genius. — George Roof

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