Speak Out: Motorcycle safety

A story this week reported that speed was the top factor contributing to six fatal motorcycle incidents this month through Monday. Potential alcohol use and impairment were investigated as well. All of the fatals involved bikers under age 42.

Cell phone texting, DVDs and GPS availability create more chance of motorist distraction, but accountability falls on riders to decrease perils.

• Would love to know the number of sports bikes compared to the number of non-sports bikes involved. — Brooks Keen

• This doesn’t always make a difference. My husband and I witnessed an older, white male with no helmet on a Harley (or similar style motorcycle) pass a car on the lefthand shoulder of Route 1 southbound Monday afternoon. The car he passed was traveling at about 75-80 mph and after passing them, the motorcycle was quickly out of view. — Katie Clay

• There are some daredevil punks on motorcycles that are asking for it the way they drive! — Patricia Kasik Kaiser

• I will never crash riding a motorcycle. I don’t plan on getting on one. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Simple. Drivers of motorcycles and cars are crazy, nuts, tailgaters, speeders and down right everyone for themselves. I’m shocked we don’t lose hundreds every month. — Stephen Malkowski

• Just look at how people drive nowadays. They think it’s a right, not a privilege. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Us riders have to pay attention, the others typically don’t. And even us ourselves are guilty of it at times in our vehicles. Just ride offensively without being “that (guy)” — Earl White

• I ride a motorcycle. I ride defensively as described above and I wear a helmet, though they (politicians) keep trying to deny me/us the right to choose, but that’s another conversation. I saw a bike down at the entrance to the Hamlet Shopping Center last night. Crashes are generally one of two categories. One, people not paying attention in their cages and turning in front of or pulling out in front of you. Second, clowns on “crotch rockets” speeding way to fast, riding wheelies, or just plain acting a fool.

I say we need to ban the “crotch rockets.” They are way too deadly, deadlier than most. Blame the bike and not the rider. If people didn’t have these bikes, then there wouldn’t be crashes. The banning comment was some good sarcasm. As in, let’s just ban everything because of the human factor. — Bob Hice

• When these fools on crotch rockets act a fool, take their motorcycle license for two years, then see who wants to ride like an idiot on the roads. Further when people get into “at fault” accidents with a motorcycle and they kill or severely injure them, hold them accountable with prison time. Maybe then they will put down the phones or other distractions and pay attention. — Mike Clendaniel

• You see plenty of bad riding from the Harley Davidson people too. Wobbling around turns, duck footing it through intersections. But hey, they look cool with the dew rag and leather vest. — Dan Long

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