Speak Out: Mueller report

The White House invoked executive privilege Wednesday, claiming the right to block lawmakers from the full report from special counsel Robert Mueller on his Trump-Russia probe and escalating the battle between President Donald Trump and Congress.

• The Democrats want 9% of the unredacted released, but would essentially release information on grand jury information which is against the law and expose ways and means of intelligence gathering techniques. Basically they want the attorney general to break the law. — Robert Wright

• Good. The report is out and he’s been cleared. Maybe Democrats will get back to working for Americans instead of chasing witches? — Chris Werner

• The report can say that he is 100% innocent, no collusion and you liberals still won’t believe it. — Stephen Terrance Herd

This “witch hunt” has so far resulted in felony convictions for four of Trump’s closest staff/campaign advisors. More witches soon to be indicted and go to jail. Oh, by the way, over 500 Republican and Democratic attorneys general, federal prosecutors, and legal experts just penned a letter giving their conclusions. Clue, they did read the report. Their conclusion: any other person other than the POTUS would be facing federal felony charges just based on the report. Get prepared to be outraged when the felony charges are brought against your hero. — Brian King

• For someone with nothing to hide, he sure is spending a lot of time hiding things. — Larry Josefowski

• Did you feel that way when Obama used executive privilege with his Attorney General Eric Holder? Eric Holder was found in contempt. — Maureen McCartan Harris

• Liberals are going to if not already ruin this country. Dems like Jackson make me laugh when they say Trump is taking a wrecking ball to Constitution. I don’t think she know the first thing about it. They definitely don’t know they swore an oath to defend this country and are not doing so. I think that, my friends, is treason. — William Jamar

• “Every day we learn of new efforts by this administration to stonewall Congress,” Nadler said. “This is unprecedented.” What is unprecedented is the way the Democrats have acted for the last 2-plus years. — Christopher Williams

• Now investigate Comey and his cronies. — Tom Stevenson

• He is really hiding something! Looks more like a dictator every day. — Elaine Russell Ringler

• Trump claims the full report exonerated him! So why is he now trying to keep the report from the people who elected him? Is he afraid that we can actually read? — Joe Bernard

• Please impeach Trump, so when the Senate has the trial he will remain in office, be re-elected and the Dems will go down in flames. Dems are running scared of what Barr might find. So much jealousy of Trump and what he has done for true American citizens. America first! — Jack Jordan

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