Speak Out: Mueller testifying

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he expects special counsel Robert Mueller to have “a profound impact” when he testifies before Congress on July 17, even though Mueller has said he won’t provide any new information.

Mueller’s unusual back-to-back testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees is likely to be the most highly anticipated congressional hearing in years, particularly given Mueller’s resolute silence throughout his two-year investigation into Russian contacts with President Donald Trump’s campaign . Democrats negotiated for more than two months to obtain the testimony, hoping to re-focus public attention on the special counsel’s 448-page report that they believe most Americans have not read.

• Yeah, this testimony will only highlight every single reason why Trump is to be re-elected. Liberals have no counter to anything Trump has done and plans to do. The economy alone, won him the election. It’s over. — Willy Beal

•It’s amazing how they hate the president since day one. Time to clean house. — Mark Joseph

• Kinda like conservatives did for Obama — Christopher Joyce

• Oh no I gave Obama a chance, I thought a young man is what we need in there. But then when he started siding with all the criminals and terrorists that was it for me.— Stephen Terrance Herd

• Same here. I thought Obama would be another JFK. He turned out to be no more than the activist-in-chief. — Mark Pugh

• After Mueller said that this last statement was his final one, Democrats are still trying to milk him. Pathetic. — Ryan Fenimore

• Democrats wasting more money. Do your job your were elected to do. — Kent Reynolds

• You’d think after $30 million and two years of investigation the report says everything he needed to say, but as usual the Democrats don’t read anything. Remember when Nancy Pelosi said about Obamacare, “We’ll pass it. then find out what’s in it.
Totally pathetic. MAGA 2020 — Robert Wright

• What he said is that the DOJ doesn’t have the power to indict a sitting president. That is to be left to Congress, who wants to hear his testimony unredacted. Not sure what the Trumpsters missed about his last statement. — Eddie Curley

• They don’t have the stones to go for impeachment, so this is the best they have. There is a certain type of Democratic voter that would be more than happy for his party to drag this on indefinitely, and do nothing else. And I hope they do, because the longer this charade lasts, the more independents will take a dim view of this nonsense. — Matt Bucher

•Personally, I absolutely think he should be made to testify, particularly given the cryptic and unorthodox nature of the conclusions contained in the report. — John Daliani

• So much hate for Democrats doing their job while the Republican majority Senate tells the American people they will not agree with impeachment, no matter what evidence is put before them. I remember when Republicans cried about Clinton lying about a consenting encounter in the Oval Office but now they raise molesters and sexual assaulters to the highest levels of office without batting an eye.

Pelosi has the strategy all wrong, She thinks tarnishing Trump’s name is all Dems need when in reality she needs to move forward with impeachment anyway to put Republicans on the record that they are not the party of law, family values, the future, or the Constitution like they claim to be. — Craig Walter 😆

• I have one big question for Republicans: What has Trump done for the U.S.? Economy and unemployment was doing great in 2014, 2015, 2016. What has Trump done for you? — R Tamer Peel

• Big question: How much more do we, the taxpayer, have to pay Mueller this time? So much waste. — Ellen Jarrell Hamilton

• Mueller is on record as saying he won’t provide any new information that isn’t already in the report. If he does, then he is a verifiable liar and the new information is suspect.

This is just a public spectacle for each Democrat to get their little introductory speech/opinion on the record. It would be nice if they would concentrate instead on things that make a difference to the average American. — Jim Price

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