Speak Out: Mueller testifying?

Readers reacted to the possibility of Robert Mueller testifying to Congress concerning his recently released report on the Trump administration’s dealing with Russia.

• Again, we will see. No Russia collusion. Democrats are in a corner. They like the fact they can say Barr isn’t credible. They can’t say that with Mueller. — Ryan Fenimore

• They can’t honestly say that about Barr. Barr has a long reputable career. And they can’t say that about Mueller because they’ve hung on his report for years now. — Chris Werner

• The people want him to. Let’s make him do it. — Eddie Curley

• Yes he should and tell the lies the Republicans are pushing! — Wan Fisher

• You think that if that were really something that had teeth Trump wouldn’t be all over it? Seriously the FBI and DOJ can walk and chew gum at the same time and there’s no reason why they couldn’t look at the stuff you mentioned and the Russia stuff at the same time. So now that we are two years into this administration, why haven’t any indictments come down on Obama administration people re: “FISA court and Obama spying stuff”? Know why? Because there’s nothing to indict on. You have been conned by the Donald and his propaganda machine. — Jess Mortillfem

• The report absolutely says no collusion. Did anyone actually read it? As far as obstruction he did not have any hard proof. First off if he did not collude. How could he obstruct? Now as far as the other party , the clock is ticking and that is exactly why the Dems are unglued and want Barr out. They are acting big and bad in public but behind closed doors they are scared. — Ron Lewis

• I totally think he should testify. It’s not going to change anything — nor do they expect it to. It’s simply a platform for Democratic presidential contenders to give speeches and get some free PR time. — John Daliani

• I’m so done with it all. Two years with not a thing with a made-up report paid for by a competing candidate. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Dems couldn’t accept the 2016 election results. Now, after two years and a $40 million special council investigation staffed by hand picked Democrats, they just can’t get their heads wrapped around their hero Mueller’s report. Maybe they ought to heed HRC’s warning to Trump about accepting the election results because not accepting them “would be a danger to our democracy”. Good grief Dems! Get over it and enjoy Trump’s numerous successes. — Chris Wolfe

• Have any Democrats actually gone and read the unredacted report? Last I heard is that none of them had. It appears as though they are less interested in the facts and more interested in creating and perpetuating the illusion of conspiracy and collusion by Republicans when they evidence suggests that it was Clinton and Democrats that colluded and conspired. — Scott Berry

• What happens when Mueller testifies and doesn’t give them the answers they want? Armageddon. — Bob Hice

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