Speak Out: Mueller’s statement

Special counsel Robert Mueller said Wednesday he was legally barred from charging President Donald Trump with a crime but pointedly emphasized that his Russia report did not exonerate the president. If he could have cleared Trump of obstruction of justice he “would have said so,” Mueller declared.

• In the U.S. we are afforded the presumption of innocence. Investigations determine guilt or they don’t. If they find insufficient evidence of guilt, the person is innocent. Case closed. It’s over. — Lou Bialota

• Seems to me he said the ball’s in Congress’ court as the DOD cannot indict a sitting president, only Congress can. — Eddie Curley

• Noooo, it’s not over. Mueller made that statement, in exactly that way, to ensure it isn’t over. The same with the, “sitting president” comment. If he knew that, then he is admitting to defrauding the country with a phony investigation — even if he expected Trump to be out of office by now. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Mueller made the statement because he knows that stuff is getting declassified. Like, why did an investigation that surely knew a long time ago had no collusion by Trump continue on so long? It magically completed right after Barr took over. Why were warning signs like a flaky dossier ignored? Mueller is scared. — Chris Werner

• They could not pursue criminal charges against the president per policy. — Dennis Norwood

• Not guilty is the correct term and it doesn’t always mean the same thing as innocent. — Stephen Annand

• If he can’t charge a president because of DOJ policies, then he is not going to come out and say he is guilty because Trump would not be able to defend himself. Plus he said if there was no crime, the report would say there is no crime. — Merv Sparks

• They keep trying to prove a negative, but they are so dumb that they don’t know it can’t be done! — Joann Cornett

• Millions of tax dollars wasted on this. — Tommy Lee

Millions of dollars were profited from this investigation! All the fines and seizures from the dozens that were indicted paid for the report and then some! — Michael Jack Johnson

• He spent two years and interviewed 500 witnesses and is totally disappointed that he found nothing. All he can do is make an absurd statement like this after spending tens of millions of our tax money lining the pockets of his lawyer buddies. — Dave McGuigan

So you are blaming him for doing the job he was tasked to do? — Karen Hastings

The legal standard must not change from investigating for evidence of guilt. In America we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If it changes to the presumption of guilt unless proven innocent, then we are all at risk. This is one of the reasons we went to war with England. — Scott Berry

• The majority of the country is with SC Mueller. AG Barr was biased and compromised from the start. — Mary Claire Krager

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