Speak Out: National emergency

Battling with one branch of government and opening a new confrontation with another, President Donald Trump announced Friday he was declaring a national emergency to fulfill his pledge to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

• It’s sad when a president has to go to such extreme measures, to do something for the country. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Trump’s wall is such a waste of money. — Karen Welch

• “The Wall” is just a symbol declaring that we as a country are making a stance against cultural integration. The majority of people who support it come from lineage that has always enjoyed a lifestyle that separates their lives from those of different backgrounds. The simple thought of having grandchildren that are not completely of your race, having to share a workspace with people who are different from you, being told that learning the culture of other racial groups is no longer an option but a necessity in today’s world, that not only bothers some people, it scares them. Hatred is harbored in the mind of the fearful. — Ben Reitzes

• He knows exactly what he is doing. He is doing what he was elected to do. Too bad Democrats are too busy hating him to care about what is best for the country. — Kime Rutledge Hill

• He can take the border wall funds from the multi billions they are about to send to Israel. — John Coleman

•To those who are celebrating over this, do bear in mind that this establishes a precedent for future administrations to do similar things when faced with something that they want, but that Congress can’t get their act together to fund. Rejoice now, but don’t complain when a future president does something that you don’t want to have happen. — Brian P Slattery

•Like if a Democrat is elected and there are more mass shootings, so he declares a national emergency to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Or climate change is a national emergency so take away those gas guzzling SUVs. Trump set a very dangerous precedent indeed. — Gary Greer

•While I think your examples are extreme and quite hyperbolic (I would hope that NO president is able to simply abolish any amendment to the Constitution by declaring a national emergency – that would be akin to a coup d’etat), you do make the point that what happened this morning sets the table for more “tit for tat” political shenanigans.

I would think that a national emergency due to mass shootings would perhaps focus money on things like CDC studies on gun violence (you know, the ones that the NRA has fought and paid hard to stifle over the years) and other measures that would actually make us safer without destroying the 2nd Amendment. — Brian P Slattery

• Good luck with that — 30 seconds after he does, an injunction halts such a farce. — Larry Josefowski

• Why should there be an injunction? It’s much more of a national emergency than any of the 10 that President Obama declared. Where was the fake outrage then? — Tom Stevenson

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