Speak Out: National Popular Vote

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by the Rev. Jack Beck headlined “Rigging the election through National Popular Vote Compact”

• If you are confused about how well the NPV works just look at what’s happening in Venezuela. — David A Gibson

• What’s happening in Venezuela has nothing to do with the right of a free people to popularly elect the leader who will represent them. – Mike Matthews

• While it might not have anything to do with Venezuela, it does change how our vote is counted. — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• The reverend starts out on a good premise, but immediately undermines what I believe is his main point when he goes to the failed and improper argument of how all of the individual counties should be equal, when there are no requirements that the populations of every county must be. Why should a county with a population of less than a thousand get to have as much “weight” as a county with over a million? Republicans in Delaware have long lamented and bemoaned how New Castle County “controls” the state, and how Kent and Sussex Counties should have more (not equal, but more) say, despite two-thirds of the state’s population residing in New Castle County.

This notion that the NPV is “bypassing” the EC is not true. The states are working within their rights. Of course, this is dependent upon how the courts rule on the Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 issues, but clearly within the framework established in other articles and in the 10th Amendment. So the states are actually using the EC to reflect the will of the voters, and (in theory) would actually empower each voter to be more confident that their ballot will count, as the votes would actually matter and potentially make a difference.

Seems funny how the current president mocked the other party over their primary system and claimed how they were ignoring the will of their voters, yet he seems to be hypocritical when it comes to resolving a similar matter as it pertains to the national election. — Brian P Slattery

• You say this will reflect the will of the voters so answer me this question. If every voter in Delaware votes for a Republican and a Democrat wins the popular vote, which means they will win Delaware’s electoral votes how does that reflect the will of Delaware voters? — Wayne Whitby

• Without the EC, there would be no united states (small u and s because would no longer refer to US). The smaller states had to know that they wouldn’t be dominated by a few large ones. Eliminate that protection, and you can assuredly know the 45 or so will not tolerate being governed by the five. — Bob Bowers

• The word “rights” is completely misused. The Constitution provides “powers/authority” not “rights”. Only the people have rights and the people delegate “powers” or “authority” to the government, whether state or federal; without the people, the government has neither power or authority! The Constitution simply establishes who has which powers/authority. The people cannot give government powers or authority that they do not possess, as in levying laws that restrict or infringe on the rights of the people. — Earl Lofland

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