Speak Out: ‘New era’ for Polytech

Polytech High’s football program was crippled by injuries early on, and the Panthers final two games were canceled for health and safety purposes.

Tuesday night’s unanimous Board of Education vote to exit the Henlopen Conference in all sports after next school year nixed other options — stay in completely or try to relocate the football program only.

During a public presentation Tuesday, Director of Operations Nicholas Johnson reported on exploring the New Castle County-based Diamond State Athletic Conference’s process for entry, and scheduling dates. DSAC dues were $575 compared to $1,300 in the Henlopen Conference.

• Not that kids go to Polytech specifically for sports, but what about the kids who want to learn a trade yet still compete at the best level? Now the kids who are top contenders in their sports will definitely stay at their home school solely off that and risk hurting their future career/education. — Earl White

•Well, those kids and parents are stupid. If they have no plans to go to college the only sports “career” they will have is men’s pickup league. — Jake Truitt

• With hard work, determination, and skill kids can do anything. I tell my students and my own children this because it’s the truth. Who am I or any other adult to tell a kid they can’t accomplish something? Guess what?! You and I can do anything we want with the work, determination, and skill set.

My son plays sports at the school and this could potentially affect him depending on when it goes into effect. He is learning a trade and wants to go to college. —— Nyki Donovan Lewis

• Maybe if they were to win three-quarters of their games and be ranked high in their conference each year but they are not. What are the percentage of kids that get full scholarships due to sports, it’s only about 2% of sports players. Then of college students, less than 2% ever make it to professional. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Henlopen Conference = unnecessary money being wasted. All the kids can already predict based on who they play who they are gonna lose against and who is going to win. That’s sad. — Natalia Barker

• So reduce dues but increase transportation cost…GENIUS!!!! — Dave Richards

• They’ll come out of it with wins. A little travel but I think it’s a good move. Those schools up there are much weaker at football then the teams in the Henlopen. — Devante Hankins

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