Speak Out: New Zealand gun ban

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Thursday announced a ban of “military-style” semi-automatic firearms and high-capacity magazines like those used in the shootings at Christchurch mosques last week.

• Knee-jerk reaction by progressive snowflakes. — Gene Hansen

• Making good people defenseless doesn’t make bad people harmless. — Delaware 2nd Amendment Rally

• What New Zealand does or any other country has no bearing whatsoever on our Constitution and our Rights. Americans will never give up their Right to protect themselves. — Dave McGuigan

• Everyone who wants gun control can now move to New Zealand.— Lou Bialota

• Thank God, i hear it’s beautiful! They were supposed to leave when Trump got elected I thought. — Rick Beaman

• The gun is a tool. It’s the people holding the gun that have to be dealt with. — John P. Leech

• I bet all the criminals will now turn in the weapons. — Cody Waters

• It is a foolish knee jerk reaction but is up to the people of New Zealand. — Dave McGuigan

• Now only the bad guys will have guns. — Jack Jordan

• “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” — Benjamin Franklin — Marc Auger

• Any fool can criticize, condem, and complain….and most fools do — Benjamin Franklin — Lauren McCartney

• The crazy train has made a stop in New Zealand and common sense has left the station. — Victor Santillan

• Would you rather have a gun in your hand or a cop on the way a half-hour out? That’s how long it took the cops to get to the mosque. — Edwin Donald Anderson

• Way to react! — Sharon Maxwell Dudley

• I guess they should have banned airliners after 9/11. — John Daliani

• Because we all know criminals get guns the legal way. — Gabrielle Fay B

• From 1994-2004 the federal government banned assault weapons. In 1999 Columbine was orchestrated by two teens utilizing federally banned weapons. The gun free school zone act of 1990 federally prohibiting firearms on school campuses hasn’t prevented a single school shooting. The people you’re trying to control with new laws, already don’t care about the laws prohibiting them from committing murder. — Mike Davis

• So, don’t deal with the level of hate growing in your country, deal with the tool! Smart! — Diane Butters-Eastburn

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