Speak Out: No deal with Trump

President Donald Trump abruptly quit a meeting with congressional Democrats Wednesday with a flat declaration he would no longer work with them unless they drop their investigations in the aftermath of the Trump-Russia report.

• I thought Democrats were going to be the ones to accept the Mueller report. Guess they had to stay true in being huge hypocrites. — Ryan Fenimore

• Dems do accept the report. Cons do not so they misrepresent it along with Barr’s attempt at undermining it. The report will speak for itself once it is revealed in full and Mueller’s testimony reaffirms his report on obstruction. Be patient. — Jim Kelley

• “Can’t legislate and investigate at the same time”. He can’t walk and chew gum at the same time and as for “ I don’t do cover ups”, two words, Stormy Davis. Impeach him. — Peter Giaquinto

• Trump may not have been impeached because of Pelosi’s fear of the politics of it. But he has not been able to control his anger and is forcing the Dems’ hand to impeach him. Trump may erroneously believe impeachment would actually help him 2020. — Susan Janis

• This is a childish move by the president as he does not seem to understand how the federal government is supposed to work as laid out in the Constitution. The executive branch does not have sole and unchecked authority, and neither does Congress, and this system seemed to work fairly well for us over the past 230 years or so. Why does the president not seem to comprehend the separation of powers and checks and balances?

He has said time and again how he wants to invest in the infrastructure of this nation. Yet when presented with an opportunity to actually do what he says he wants to, he walks away like a petulant child.

I would be much more willing to accept the president’s claims of innocence if he wasn’t so adamant against Congress fulfilling their constitutional duties of oversight. Also keep in mind that the current president is someone who has basically never been told “no” in his entire adult life, nor has he had to actually answer to anyone else (other than his father). — Brian P Slattery

• If he didn’t try so hard to hide things, perhaps this could have been over a long time ago. Maybe no collusion but obstruction raises a lot of red flags. The same would be done if a Dem president by the Republicans. No innocent person would try to block as much as he has! — Karen Hastings

• Sorry but I disagree. Congress has the authority to investigate but it’s only supposed to do so if there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to do so. In the case of collusion that’s not actually a crime. Furthermore Trump, as the head of the executive branch has broad powers to hire and fire as he chooses. Positions like the director of the FBI serves at the pleasure of president, regardless of who the president is. Why would anyone want to get Trump on obstruction when it’s now been proven by overwhelming evidence that the Democrats started this entire investigation on a lie. A lie they not only participated in but even funded with DNC money? The only reason is of course because they don’t like Trump, his success as president, and can’t accept the 2016 election results. — Shawn Knox

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