Speak Out: On Nancy Pelosi

Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor headlined “The nightmare of Nancy”

• All elected officials should be an extension of their voters. She has lost focus of that and is working on her personal agenda. She single handedly has prevented success more than anyone. Overall, she is a burden to America. This is why term limits needs to happen.— Stacy Johnson

• Except that her constituents like what she does. — Benjamin Black

• She’s the only chance left to keep the GOP from running this country right into the ground. We’re almost there already! — Rick Reed

• She isn’t afraid to release tax returns, unlike Trump. Why can’t Trump release his health records? All the other presidents, including Republicans, have done it. — Allan Ramnath

• Nancy Pelosi is getting blamed for bullying the bully. How ironic. — Josephina Duckery

• Oh my. Just don’t know where to begin to comment on this ludicrous opinion. First, the fact check is in order. Pelosi is the Speaker of the House. She is not the majority leader of the Democratic Party in the house. That job belongs to Steny Hoyer of Maryland. Next, Pelosi has played 45 like a violin and will continue to do so because she is a better politician, with years of experience on him. Third, all Democrats are not just happy with her they were thrilled, almost giddy. She shovels him some manure and he steps in it every time. He is NEVER going to get the best of her, no matter how hard he tries. He is just not smart enough. He should be trembling in his shoes right now as he awaits her next move. No doubt it will be a doozy. For god sake, dig up Nixon. He would be more effective. — Don Reppy

• Thank God he won. He stands between us, socialism and all-out civil war. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Democrats are so dumb they can’t see that she, Chuck, AOC and the rest are destroying their own party. — Iam Wright

• Nancy Pelosi is a strong woman that won’t back down, just who we need to combat #45! — Steve Newman

• I have seldom agreed with Pelosi during her political career however at this juncture she is the only congressional leader with the guts and gumption to stand up to the brat in the White House and defend the Constitution — and that is great for America. — Joe Bernard

• She’s Trump’s worst nightmare. A woman with power. — Michael Jack Johnson

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