Speak Out: Opioid fee proposal

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary written by Sen. Stephanie Hansen headlined “Opioid impact fee will save lives in Delaware”

• The problem is the true killer drugs are coming across our open borders, Heroin and fentanyl. People need treatment, counseling, and in some cases arrests. The liberal Democrats’ answer is raising taxes. — Frederick Tate

The root of the current opioid epidemic is in street-level distribution of illegally obtained pills, heroin and fentanyl. Any type of tax on opioid, will only serve to increase the price to the LEGAL end-user patient. Unless of course our legislators, through skills obtained by levying a tax or fee on almost everything in Delaware, have discovered a way to tax street corner drug dealers. Let’s face facts-that’s where the problem resides. — B.K. Smith

• It’s only a crisis because it hit the suburbs. — Marie Law

• When will Delaware hold the doctors accountable? Without their magic pad, the vast majority don’t have access to the medications. — Pammie Willis

• Hold accountable the creators of the drugs too. and if they are no longer here, go after their families. Sounds just as stupid doesn’t it, why yes, yes it does. — Jon Arthur Judd

• When will they hold people who don’t follow prescription directions accountable for abusing medication? — Shyla Lyons

• Make them legal, give out as much as people want, hide the narcan, and problems will sort out themselves. But where is the profit in that plan?!? Remember, any opioid use, whether legal or illegal, is a choice!! Folks want it, let’s give it to them. — Heather Laskey

• Another waste of time and tax money to make more taxes pass on to the customer. — James Lester

• So the legal patient will pay for exactly what? Free clinics for the addict. — Diane Butters-Eastburn

• Any fee/tax passed on to a manufacturer will eventually passed on to the consumer. In my opinion we need to crackdown on the doctors writing prescriptions when not actually needed or in excess of the dosage actually needed. — Dan Maher

• First off, you’re already getting money from the federal government (from taxes I’ve already paid) for opioid crisis management/treatment. Second, any new “fee” (I wish you’d just call it a tax) would absolutely be passed down to the consumer. Any stockholder would insist on it, but since Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies won’t be increasing their cost coverage, we both know who will get stuck with the difference. Third, addicts can only be treated if they want to be treated. You collecting money for treatment doesn’t mean addicts are going to suddenly decide to get help because there’s new money in the programs. They’re addicts and they want their fix, not to be fixed. But go ahead and pass the bill. Then when it doesn’t work and the crisis continues, we have a reason to replace you. — Chris Behrens

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