Speak Out: Opioid tax

Legislation establishing a tax on opioids is awaiting action from Gov. John Carney after the bill passed the House Thursday.

The measure, Senate Bill 34, would create a fee of 1 cent per morphine milligram equivalent for brand-name opioid medications and one-quarter cent per mme for generics.

It is not yet known whether Gov. Carney, a Democrat, will sign the bill.

• He’s a Democrat. Of course he’s going to want a new tax. — Greg Sheraton

• Sure he will sign it, more free money for the state. The pharmaceutical companies will just pass on the extra cost to the patients. —Preston Messick Jr.

• While they constantly say prescriptions are too expensive. — Mike Steindl

• And we will all share the tax for those the state supports, as our rates will once again rise and our income tax increases. — Raughley Lloyd

• They continue to punish folks that are actually suffering for the deeds of the heroin addicts. How about taxing heroin and needle exchanges? — Yvonne Cole Herrmann

• Not sure who this will hurt the most. But I do know it usually hurts those who can’t afford it, not those it is designed to. — Tamala Jones

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