Speak Out: Paradee pushes back

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary by Sen. Trey Paradee where he took exception to reports about his family’s involvement in legislation that would allow Kent County Levy Court to impose a hotel lodging tax and direct those revenues to the DE Turf.

• Trey’s explanation is spot on. This legislation merely permits county council to pass such a tax. The innuendo about something nefarious is false at best and slander or libel by any view. I’m sick of people smearing good public servants like Trey, John and their sister. Being a public figure does not give you the right to make comments or write posts that are harmful to their reputations. I know these folks and have witnessed the good they and their families try to do for Kent County and Delaware. — Dave Bonar

•There was definitely something to be gained by passing this to his brother. Thinking that Delawareans are too stupid to figure it out is too bad for Paradee. These guys swore an oath to the Delaware Constitution. This is where he broke that oath. Section 20. Any member of the General Assembly who has a personal or private interest in any measure or bill pending in the General Assembly shall disclose the fact to the House of which he or she is a member and shall not vote thereon. — Jesse Flynn

• Trey is the same politician who wanted us to pay for an exit off Route 1 to the faltering Dover Mall. He loves to spend money on projects that benefit only a handful of taxpayers while taking the money from us all. I suspect he has had long conversations with Joe Biden on how to make extra dough while “serving” the public. Trey was in it up to his nose and now like most politicians does the “in retrospect, maybe it was wrong.” — Jay Pratt

• Colin Bonini is no political watchdog. He was instrumental in making sure the old public library was sold to Wesley College for a dollar in a district not his own and then handing them over a million dollars for renovation costs which the now failing Wesley College used for operating expenses. Meanwhile the library sits empty and unused and not collecting any tax monies for those of us that do live in this district. If I could vote Bonini out, I would. — Ronnie Ponde

• Senator Paradee seems to feel victimized by these concerns. Senator Paradee shouldn’t be upset with local news media, constituents, and other elected officials questioning his motives for sponsoring this ill-conceived DE Turf bill. Nor should he dismiss his own negligence while heaping the blame on others. Whether or not there was a conflict of interest, Senator Paradee and his brother should have understood the appearance of impropriety. Even if our senator was not aware of his brother’s involvement, shouldn’t the brother, a smart, successful attorney, have been aware of the senator’s involvement and the possible conflict of interest?

Senator Paradee should, first and foremost, accept his responsibility in this debacle. And he should stop blaming Levy Court commissioners and others who probably know less about his family’s involvement with DE Turf than he does. The problem, senator, is the appearance of impropriety — not those who question it. — Bob Hartman

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