Speak Out: Plastic bag ban

Gov. John Carney on Monday signed two bills aimed at reducing litter, including one outlawing most plastic bags.

House Bill 130, which passed the House in May and the Senate in June, will restrict establishments from giving consumers bags that are “made from non-compostable plastic and not specifically designed and manufactured to be reusable” starting Jan. 1, 2021.

The measure will still allow businesses to provide paper, fabric or reusable plastic bags and applies only to stores with at least 7,000 square feet of retail sales space or chains that have three or more locations in the state with each one comprising a minimum of 3,000 square feet. Restaurants are excluded.

• What are single-use bags? I reuse them all. Anyone with a pet probably does. Excellent for cleaning up doggie doodoo, used cat litter, picking up trash on a morning walk, collecting soda cans for senior center, etc. Unless of course, they rip on the way home from the store. — Loretta Pramick

• Excellent points. Between now and Jan 1 I’m going to experiment with cloth bags, carrying a market basket etc to try to embrace the change. I’m the paper bag reused as book cover generation. — Patricia McDaniel Foltz

• That’s what “single use” encompasses. There’s not enough use for them if they break, or whenever someone doesn’t want to use them anymore, for them to have another life. You can’t process them in a traditional recycling plan. A large percentage ends up in our forests, waterways and drains. While you may give them a second life as a waste receptacle, it’s awful for the environment and the bigger picture of processing waste. — Danielle Levredge

• Yes may want too stock up also while they are cheap. They might raise the price on them. I also use cloth bags(love them) when I do a large grocery shopping . The cashiers sometimes don’t like it. It takes time too organize food. The plastic they can just throw things in them sometimes with one item, a few items if needed from store. I use plastic and go through self checkout. — Darby Hann

• I’ve been using my canvas bags for about 12 years every time I go to the store. They’re as good as the first day. I also use the lighter polyester bags that are holding up well. A couple of the really thinly made bags came apart at the handles. — Jim Coleman

• Meanwhile, crime keeps going up and people with multiple DUIs are still out there attempting to murder people on the road. — Allen Cramer

• Meanwhile, 90% of the pollution continues to come from Asian countries, while we (western countries) collectively contribute 10% of the plastic pollution. This isn’t about banning plastic bags, its about upsetting an economy to gain additional control over what independent decisions business owners and consumers are allowed to make. — Willy Beal

• Plastic cars, plastic TV, plastic furniture, plastic floors, plastic bottles, plastic toys, plastic cans, plastic containers, plastic appliances — everything is plastic. Like giving you a paper straw in a plastic cup. It’s a start, but seriously unless they stop making plastic, not gonna make a difference. Just stop dumping our trash in the ocean!! This is the 21st century!! Burn it. Develop a filtration system to protect the ozone layer and burn it!! — Judy Malin Mangini

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