Speak out: Plastic bags bill

The Delaware House passed legislation Tuesday that would bar certain stores from providing single-use plastic bags to customers.

House Bill 130 would restrict establishments from giving consumers bags that are “made from non-compostable plastic and not specifically designed and manufactured to be reusable.” The measure would go into effect Jan. 1, 2021, and would still allow businesses to provide paper, fabric or reusable plastic bags.

• Out of everything wrong with this state, your legislators vote on getting rid of plastic bags. — Michael Hornberger

• It’s important. For your environment. For local wildlife. For the hundreds of people who work for the state and spend large portions of their day picking up plastic bags from waterways, forests, etc. For the thousands of scientists all over the country who have to autopsy marine life and find plastic bags in their stomach. Just because you can’t see the details, doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. — Danielle Levredge

• Enforce fines for littering. I can’t stand it when there’s garbage all over grocery store lots, on the road just everywhere. — Maureen McCartan Harris

• If anything it will be better for you, meaning cleaner hunting areas and less worry about ingesting small traces of plastic with your wild game and fish. — Gary Greer

• I agree we need to get rid of plastic bags. But paper bags were an issue also back in the 80s-90s with cutting down trees to make the bag. Just get reusable bags. We shop at several stores that want you to bring your own bags and we have no issue bringing bags with us. — Kevin Kilpatrick

• I don’t agree that it is the biggest issue facing our rapidly declining environment. Nor do I think it’s the biggest issue facing Delaware. But if you’re passionate about it, then I’m happy that it accomplished something you’re proud of! — Megan O’Donnell Clements

• Thank you, this is just a small step in saving Earth. — Deb Carey Brzoska

• Why people don’t use reusable bags is beyond me. They’re so much stronger and hold so much more. Not like paper or plastic are our only options. — Holly Overmyer 2

Because we shouldn’t be forced to purchase them. — David Lepter

• It’s too bad we Americans don’t get on the bandwagon to do what we can to make the environment better without making laws. Things can improve if there is a drive with signs and billboards, lots of public notices, teaching good habits to school kids, etc. to cause awareness about keeping things clean. The drives to smoking awareness has have been successful. Why not keeping the places we live, work and travel pristine?? It has to be cool and hip. — Suzie Schaub Stehle

• There has to be some type of recycled material that’s biodegradable available. Walmart has introduced paper straws and they are selling well. I think most people care, we just need an alternative. — Jim Czychak

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