Speak Out: Plastic bags

Legislation introduced Thursday would ban single-use plastic bags like those commonly offered at many stores, from supermarkets to gas stations.

House Bill 130 would restrict establishments from giving customers bags that are “made from non-compostable plastic and not specifically designed and manufactured to be reusable.” The measure would go into effect Jan. 1, 2021, and would still allow businesses to provide paper, fabric or reusable plastic bags.

• Another reason for businesses not to come here! — Clint Brothers

• Really? Because all the other cities and states have seen any withdrawal of business, or business incentive due to trying to clean up our environment. Just a few weeks ago, Suffolk County Long Island, N.Y. reported that plastic bag usage is down by 1.1 billion bags. — Brian Scharf

• Awesome job and a great idea! — Jamie Cohee

• Let us not forget it was our own government that mandated plastic bags to “Save the Trees” 30 years ago. Yes they are saving us from the very laws they originally stuffed down our throats. For those of you in favor of bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, out in California they are dealing with people getting sick from contamination from not washing their bags. — Jimmy Biggs

• You’re supposed to wash produce before cooking or consuming it anyway. So unless they have meat dripping into the bags, they shouldn’t get sick. — Sam Frankie Leister

So exciting. Delaware is far behind the times in being planet friendly. This bill would hurt zero people and help hundreds of thousands. Come on, Delaware! — Danielle Levredge

• If we could just open our minds the slightest bit and tap into the hemp industry, many of our plastic issues would be solved. — Jackie Veal Cates

• Totally support this bill! Thank goodness Delaware is trying to do a good thing like this. Let’s boycott Styrofoam too. Bring your own carry out container to restaurants. Not hard at all once you get in the habit. — Judy Chaconas

• So you will kill our trees for the paper bags and end up with plastic palm trees on your lawn, the Democratic logic! — Johnny DiMondi

• This is misguided legislation. As one that spends hundreds of hours cycling on Delaware roads, I see more fast food containers, aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles than plastic bags. Also, how many old tires do you see on the side of the road? If the legislators were truly interested in the problem they would make the tough decisions and ban plastic/Styrofoam containers. We are told that paper bags are more environmentally friendly, however, when one looks at the process of making paper bags you find chemical pollution, environmental damage by deforestation, and a higher transportation footprint. A ban may make the short-sighted elected official feel good but, in reality, this ban will have more unintended consequences than considered and litter/roadside pollution will continue until our society takes responsibility for their disgusting actions. — Donald Glanden

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