Speak Out: Police oversight

A newly formed organization aims to spotlight allegations of improper abuse by police statewide. Delaware for Police Oversight released a statement Wednesday accusing officers of “using excessive and unwarranted levels of force at a time when their lives were not in danger.”

• I think feeling like your life is in danger might be a subjective thing… speak for yourself. — Sharon Nagyiski Purcell-Ponsell

• I think a police officer should not have to wait to be shot before he can use his weapon. I have never been stopped but I can assure you that if and when it happens I will place my hands on the steering wheel and do everything the officer tells me to do. No questions. WTH is wrong with these organizations that make criminals right and enforcement wrong? —Timmy Harmon

• I am not proud of it, but I have been stopped for speeding (a few times). Each time, I put the windows down (driver and passenger sides) and I turn off the engine (if I don’t need the AC or heat). I put my OPEN hands on the steering wheel and wait. I know I was speeding and that he/she is doing their job. When they come up, ID themself, and ask me if I know why they pulled me over (or they just tell me), I always take full responsibility for my actions. I do what they tell me to do (when they tell me to do it) and I have never had a negative experience with any officers/troopers (male OR female). If I get a ticket–That is on ME, not them. I did it, now I pay for doing it. — Guy Fowler

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