Speak Out: Polytech forfeits final football games

After losing more than half its roster to injuries, Polytech High has decided to forfeit its two remaining varsity football games.

The Panthers were slated to play at Milford Friday night before closing the season by hosting Smyrna on Nov. 8.

• They don’t wanna be like they were 20 years ago when I went there? Let’s have the same players run both offense and defense. They will win for sure. — Christian Orendorf

• For the most part that is what they have been doing all season. — Michael Porter

• Is it worth it? That’s the question many must be asking themselves. — MK Boyce

• Kids’ health comes first. Kudos to Polytech. — Jonathan Carl

• Good call on the coach’s part!. Now I await the second-guessing by those that never played sports. — Michael Pepper

• It’s about the safety of the students. Being short players adds to it. Good decision Polytech. — Donna J. Dunkleberger Jones

• Sorry to read this, but they do need the players. Is this a sign of the future? Perhaps they need to change leagues. — Dave McGuigan

• With only 16 players healthy, it is the right call. — Stan Meyer

• Considering the lack of depth I was very impressed by their performance last week against Cape. D.J. Rawley and his teammates can hold their heads high. — Glenn Frazer

• Instead of giving kids the opportunity from junior varsity, they forfeit? Seems like the coach had enough Ls for the season. — Devon Wilson

• The JV players are not yet able to play at the next level. It is not necessary, and would not be safe to put those players in that kind of situation. — Peter Servon

• Best wishes for a better year next year. We love Polytech! — Beth Ball Bailey

• Good call by the coach and the school to back him! The safety and health of the kids come first! This is why I love this school and proud that my kid got in and is a freshman. Thank you for putting these kids first! There’s next year! — Theresa Terri Wells-Baker

• Not sure what goes into a decision to change to Division 2 or go independent. Unfortunately the football program is not very good. I understand students choose to go to the school. School is more important for academics. — Ace Delgadillo

• Are kids starting to put academics and their health ahead of football? — Jack Mackey

• People don’t need to be on here bashing them for making this decision it’s the best decision for the kids. The kids’ safety comes before anything. — Mike Walls

• Glad to see Polytech make a tough decision that is in the best interests of the students. Go Panthers! —Tom Weis

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