Speak Out: Porta potties in park

Kirby Hudson, the director of the City of Dover Parks and Recreation Division, said he is in a “no-win” situation when it comes to the location of a couple of porta potties on the beach side of Silver Lake Park at the end of Washington Street.

Mr. Hudson said that no matter where the city places the porta potties, people have complained.

When the porta potties were located by the Silver Lake beach area, he said, “People didn’t like that because it was an eyesore.” The toilets were then moved closer to the corner going toward the playground and people complained “that’s where the park’s handicapped parking spots are.”

Eddy Seger wrote a letter to the Delaware State News on Aug. 23 saying that the current location of the toilets on the west side of the Silver Lake Park parking lot, backing up to the Whatcoat Cemetery, is disrespectful.

• I guarantee you the people in the cemetery don’t care. It would be far more disrespectful if people were relieving themselves behind those trees. If the odors emanating are that bad, maybe more frequent emptying or replacement should be looked at. — Holly Overmyer

• It would cost some money but maybe they could build an actual bathroom. Local parks have those. The Can Do playground in Milford has a relatively small bathroom building that would be a good example. — Hilary Ennis

• Novel idea – use the bathroom in your own home before going to the park or cemetery. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz

• They’ve been sitting in the same spot for 20 years now. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• It’s Dover. They can’t build a permanent structure. It would be defiled, defaced, and full of used needles. Unsavory people would be hanging out in there. No one wants to hang out in a port a potty. You can’t see them during burials. I have not noticed a smell with them and I am a daily user of the park. They were in the same spot years ago when my children were small. — ViLynn Moore

• Eddy Seger is right. Respect of our dead is paramount. And having respect for their surviving loved ones should be included in that respect. — Cheryl Thompson Young

• This is ridiculous and ludicrous. The city is truly in a no-win situation the only real solution is to just remove the porta potties all together and if someone needs to go they will just have to go to the next available facility like a gas station or such. — Dale Stubbs

• Get a life. How much time have you wasted not to mention thecity of Dover’s time on this and other complaints? Porta Potties, Really? I think the city does a great job, at least the best they can do. — Citizen Soldier

• The toilets are currently just forty feet from the graves. How do you honor the dead? Surely you wouldn’t want the hallowed grounds of your departed loved ones defiled this way. It’s not a waste of time to seek something honorable, something better, especially if a solution is just 175 feet away. — Eddy Seger

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