Speak Out: Possible cuts at Dover Air Force Base

A new aircraft maintenance hangar for Dover Air Force Base may be sitting in the crosshairs of a 20-page list of military construction projects sent from the Pentagon to Congress on Monday.

The money saved would help pay for the balance of the wall wanted by President Trump to help secure the United States-Mexico border.

• To our elected officials: Let’s put the boot on the correct foot. President Trump was forced to utilize the “Emergency Spending” measure due to your vote to withhold his requested funds to build the wall. Remember? I do! Senators Coons and Carper, vote for what protects our country from unrestricted invasion from illegal aliens. It’s not about blue or red, but about the red, white and blue! — Chris Wolfe

• Every time I read about how much President Trump wants for his wall the cost goes up. During the shutdown (which he took credit for) he stated at $5.2 billion and at the end it was up to $5.8 billion. When Congress couldn’t come to an agreement he declares the “national emergency” and according to this article the cost is now up to $12.8 billion and projects such as this hangar are going into the crapper! — Dan Maher

• I’m against Trump’s strong lies to build a wall! The more important issue is global warming! When Central American countries are devastated from hunger, they will be coming. The wall is not the answer! — Rhonda Tyndall

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